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Deployables are structures that Squad Leaders can deploy within the construction radius of a Forward Operating Base. These structures require other players to construct them, thus setting up a FOB is not a solo act. Deployables allow players to change the tactical situation anywhere on the map, as long they are in range of a FOB. FOBs are designed to support your team in achieving the gameplay objectives by providing respawn, resupply and cover.

Building Deployables[edit | edit source]

Only the Squad Leader is able to build deployable objects. But he also needs to choose the Squad Leader kit, otherwise he cannot build deployables. The SL is not able to complete the building process by himself, he will need the help from team members. Before any deployables can be build, the SL need to put down a Radio Hub. The SL chooses all deployables from the Deployables Menu with key T. After the radio/hideout was set down it will build itself, no shoveling is required although you can accelerate the building process by shoveling.

SL comrose 373x369.gif
This is the first Deployables Menu when you hold down the key T. Only Squad Leader has this menu. Be aware if the SL is not holding the Squad Leader kit, he will not see the option for the Deployables. Change your kit at an ammo box or respawn with the kit equipped
Fob deployables.gif
When selecting the Deployables, you get to the second Deployables Menu where you choose the desired object and see its supply costs required for its construction.

After a Radio Hub is placed, the FOB widget appears. The progress bar and its supplies start filling up automatically.

FOB Widget

Once the yellow progress bar is full, the FOB is finished. The ammo counter, number to the left, shows the available ammo supply at this FOB. The construction supply, the number to the right, shows the supply balance you have available for building objects. The flag shows who owns this FOB. Below is the Reinforcing counter that starts at 300sec and when the FOB will become active and usable to spawn. The tower will change from red to blue.

Placement[edit | edit source]

With the Radio Hub deployed and with enough supplies accumulated, the Squad Leader can build deployables within a 50m radius of the Radio Hub. Open up the deployables menu and choose the object with the mouse and click the Left-Mouse-Button to select it. You will now see a red or green shape of the object. Red means you cannot place it at the moment, green means you can place it. Move around with this shape to choose a suitable location. Click the Left-Mouse-Button to set down the object when it is shown in green, click the Right-Mouse-Button to cancel the build.

Placing.jpg Tip: If you click the Left-Mouse-Button while you see a red shape, a status message appears and gives you the reason why you cannot place the object at the moment at this location – this status message is very useful and you should make use of it frequently to find out why you cannot build an object.

When the Squad Leader was able to place the green shape, construction stakes appear at its location and team members need to start the construction by using their shovels. Stand near the stakes and aim at them, then hold the Left-Mouse-Button to start building the objects. Note that you can only shovel if you are next to a constructable object (very useful!); shovelling will also automatically stop after the object is finished. Except for the Radio Hub, all objects need to be shoveled to be fully constructed. The more people shovel, the quicker the construction is finished.

Objects can be stacked on top of themselves. This way, for example, you can build a tall wall of Sandbags. You can also build objects on top of houses and other locations. The construction of deployables goes through three stages. You physically see the progress of these three stages in the game – there exists no progress bar.

Construction stakes/foundation put down by the Squad Leader, object does not yet exist First stage of construction completed, object is half finished At the second and final stage of construction the object is completed

Destroying Deployables[edit | edit source]

You can take down your own deployables with your shovel and holding down the Right-Mouse-Button. It will deshovel your object until it disappears. If you deshovel a Radio Hub, you will need more than one person doing it, otherwise you will not be able to bring down the progress bar of the FOB widget. Squad Leader can also take down a Radio Hub by holding down F near it until the FOB progress bar is completely drained.

You can deshovel enemy deployables by holding down the Right-Mouse-Button.

Tip: If your Radio Hub is in danger, take it down before the enemy does it. This way you don't lose any tickets.

Deployable Objects[edit | edit source]

FOB structure

You need a Radio or Hideout first. Deployables are divided into 3 categories:

Fortifications:[edit | edit source]

Emplacements:[edit | edit source]

Tech Structures[edit | edit source]

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