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In the top right-hand side of the screen you see the ticket counter. At the start of the match each team starts with a set amount of tickets (the number of tickets depend on the map and game server's setting and may vary). Ticket lose occurs for a team as following:

  • Player goes into incapacitated state: no ticket loss;
  • Player death/giving up: -1 (only this ticket can be prevented if player is revived);
  • Suicide: -1
  • Captured Control Point: +14,16,20,26 (applies to 6,5,4,3 layer maps in Advance and Secure respectively);
  • Lost Control Point: -28,32,40,52(applies to 6,5,4,3 layer maps in Advance and Secure respectively);
  • Lost Forward Operating Base: -20
  • Cache destroyed: +10 for BLUFOR forces (game mode Insurgency only);
  • Ticket Bleed: Owning more CPs than the opposing team will begin to incur a slight bleed penalty; the more CPs owned, the more bleed the opposing team incurs (applies to game mode Advance and Secure);

Important hint: Please note that none of these numbers are set in stone and we are constantly refining and fine-tuning them to improve balancing and gameplay.

In most game modes, as soon as a team hits 0 tickets, they have lost the match.

You cannot see the opposite team's ticket count – you only see your own ticket count.

Assets[edit | edit source]

With V.9 you now have access to various vehicles. Destroying a vehicle (see ticket values below) will decrease the global ticket budget of the owning team.

Vehicletypes v3 a9 p1.jpg
Alpha 9 Vehicles Page 1.jpg
Image Vehicle Class Carrying Capacity Respawn Timer Ticket Value Supply Capacity Factions
M939 Truck Transport 13 3 8 US
Ural 375D Truck Transport 13 3 8 Militia
Technical Transport 9 3 4 Militia, Insurgents
M939 Truck Logistics Logistics 4 3 8 1000 US
Ural 375D Truck Logistics Logistics 4 3 8 1000 Militia
Technical Logistics Logistics 5 3 4 500 Militia, Insurgents
M1151 HMMVW Fire Support 5 6 12 US
BTR-80 APC Fire Support 13 6 30 Russia
Armed Technical Fire Support 5 4 6 Militia, Insurgents
SPG-9 Recoilless Gun Technical Fire Support 5 8 12 Militia, Insurgents
Rocket Artillery Technical Fire Support 4 15 20 Militia, Insurgents
M1151 HMMVW C.R.O.W.S. Fire Support 4 6 20 US
Minsk 400 Motorcycle Transport 2 2 2 Insurgents
Ural 4320 Truck Transport 18 3 8 Russia
Ural 4320 Truck Logistics Logistics 4 3 8 1000 Russia
BRDM-2 Scout Car Fire Support 3 5 18 Militia, Insurgents
Stryker ICV Fire Support 11 8 35 US
MT-LB APC w/NSVT Fire Support 19 6 18 Militia
MT-LB APC w/PKT Fire Support 19 5 8 Insurgents
MT-LBM 6M APC w/NSVT Fire Support 19 6 18 Russia
MT-LBM 6MB IFV Fire Support 13 8 25 Militia, Russia
BTR-82A IFV Fire Support 13 10 40 Russia

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