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The following is a list of vehicles that are already and will be available in Squad.

Vehicles can range from a civilian Technical to military Armoured Personal Carriers as of the current version of Squad.

To enter or exit a vehicle, press F.

In order to drive a vehicle, you have to first claim the vehicle and then start the engine. To be able to start the engine, make sure you have assigned a keyboard key to the vehicle control "Vehicle toggle engine" in the settings menu (default E).

Vehicle ammo icon.png
Supply capacity
Vehicle people icon.png Carrying capacity
Vehicle tickets icon.png Ticket value:

Vehicles in squad are valued at a certain number of tickets, and if destroyed in the field will incur a ticket loss in the same way when an infantryman gets incapacitated and killed.

Vehicle timer icon.png Respawn timer:
  • When destroyed, a new replacement vehicle will spawn after a certain amount of time has elapsed that is different for each vehicle.
  • If a vehicle flips over, it will catch on fire to get it off the map. This will take a while, and your team will be without an asset for a while. Pay attention to where you drive.

Transport[edit | edit source]

M939 Truck
M939 Truck
Ural 375D Truck
Ural 375d

Logistics[edit | edit source]

M939 Truck Logistics
M939 Logistics
Ural 375D Truck Logistics
Ural 375d Logistics
Technical Logistics
Technical Logistics

Fire Support[edit | edit source]

Armed Technical
Armed Technical
SPG-9 Recoilless Gun Technical
SPG-9 Technical
Rocket Artillery Technical
Artillery Technical

Current Stats[edit | edit source]

Image Vehicle Class Carrying Capacity Respawn Timer Ticket Value Supply Capacity Factions
M939 Truck Transport 13 3 8 US
Ural 375D Truck Transport 13 3 8 Militia, Russia
Technical Transport 9 3 4 Militia, Insurgents
M939 Truck Logistics Logistics 4 3 8 1000 US
Ural 375D Truck Logistics Logistics 4 3 8 1000 Militia, Russia
Technical Logistics Logistics 5 3 4 500 Militia, Insurgents
M1151 HMMVW Fire Support 5 6 16 US
BTR-80 APC Fire Support 13 6 30 Russia
Armed Technical Fire Support 5 6 8 Militia, Insurgents
SPG-9 Recoilless Gun Technical Fire Support 5 8 12 Militia, Insurgents
Rocket Artillery Technical Fire Support 4 15 15 Militia, Insurgents

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Ural 375d Militia
Techical Militia
* Flag militia icon.png The Militia have camo paint-jobs for their vehicles

Upcoming Vehicles[edit | edit source]

IAV Stryker
M1126 Stryker

List of Vehicles[edit | edit source]

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