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Vehicle Info
 Operators  Insurgents
Irregular Militia
 Maps Available  Eastern Europe:
Belaya, Fool's Road, Gorodok, Mestia, Skorpo, Yehorivka
Southern Asia:
Kamdesh Highlands, Kohat Toi, Sumari Bala
Middle East:
Al Basrah, Tallil Outskirts

The BMP-1 is an infantry fighting vehicle featured in Squad.[1] It was introduced in the Alpha 14.0 (June 6, 2019) update.[2]

General information[edit | edit source]

The BMP-1 is a Soviet amphibious tracked infantry fighting vehicle. It was the first mass-produced infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) of the Soviet Union. The Soviet military leadership saw any future wars as being conducted with nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and a new design, like the BMP, combining the properties of an armored personnel carrier (APC) and a light tank would allow infantry to operate from the relative safety of its armoured, radiation-shielded interior in contaminated areas and to fight alongside it in uncontaminated areas. It would increase infantry squad mobility, provide fire support to them, and also be able to fight alongside main battle tanks.

The BMP-1 was first tested in combat in the 1973 Yom Kippur War, where it was used by Egyptian and Syrian forces. Based on lessons learned from this conflict, and early experiences in the Soviet–Afghan War, a version with improved fighting qualities was developed, called the BMP-2.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The BMP-1 is available to the Insurgents and Irregular Militia.

Weapon Model Caliber Basic Load
Main Armament 2A28 Grom 73 mm PG-15V High Explosive Anti-Tank
OG-15V Fragmentation
9M14P Malyutka-P High Explosive Anti-Tank
Secondary Armament PKT 7.62 mm
  • The 2A28 Grom 73mm cannon does pretty good damage against lightly armoured vehicles, but comes up short when it comes to damaging the heavier stuff. It can't win a straight duel with a tank, and it's probably better if you can get the first shot off against the FV510 or M2A3.
  • When it comes to dealing with infantry you have fragmentation rounds for the main gun, and a secondary PKT machine gun.
  • The Malyutka ATGM is a much older missile system than the BGM-71 TOW, Konkurs, or Kornet. It is harder to control and does less damage than the newer options found in the modern armies. It will still deal devastating damage to lighter vehicles like M1126, BTRs, and MT-LBs and if you can hit the engine deck or the tracks of a heavier vehicle you can score a mobility kill quite easily.
  • When dealing with enemy vehicles it's best to stick to using the ATGM as the cannon does relatively poor damage and is hard to score hits with especially due to a lack of turret stabilisation.
  • Your frontal armour is the strongest you have, and it is also extremely sloped. Always face where the fire is coming from if you can. The rear-entrances for the infantry is the weakest point on your vehicle.
  • The BMP-1 isn't very durable compared to most other IFVs, it cannot survive a single TOW hit and will be brought down to critical health with one good Heavy AT hit.
  • Dont forget you can carry infantry into the fight. If you can offer a ride to the next objective, do so.

BMP-1 Zu-23-2 Variant[edit | edit source]

Added to the game in V15, this variant of the BMP-1 forgoes a turret and instead mounts a ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft gun in its place, turning the vehicle into a rudimentary SPAAG. It functions very similarly to the ZU-23-2 variant of the MT-LB. The only things to remember about this variant are that you have had all your heavy firepower removed (so avoid engaging enemy heavy vehicles), and that your gunner is now very exposed. This variant is designed to provide basic mobile air defense and light fire support.

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