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Base Control Point

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The Base Control Point, or main base is a spawn point and generally, the first point players spawn on. The location of main bases can be seen by each team on the map. At the start of every match, players can choose to spawn in at the main base. Squad Leaders may request that players "hold spawn," meaning that they should not spawn at main base and instead wait for another spawn point to become active, either a Spawn Bunker or Rally point. The main base spawn point can never be destroyed or deactivated, and if all other spawn points are destroyed, players will be forced to spawn at main. The main base is the only spawn point player's spawn in with full ammunition (players always spawn with full ammo on their initial spawn). Players often choose to spawn at the main base in order to resupply their ammunition at no cost or to grab a vehicle at main, particularly logistic vehicles. If all other spawn points have been eliminated, players will be forced to spawn at the main base. This can place the team at a severe disadvantage as it forces players to spawn far away from objectives, teammates, and other critical points on the map.

Vehicle spawn and start of match[edit | edit source]

With a few exceptions, all vehicles start at, and when destroyed spawn at, a team's main base. On some maps, main battle tanks spawn after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Main bases always have a vehicle Repair Station that repairs and resupplies the ammunition of any friendly vehicle that drives within range. These repair stations have an unlimited amount of supply, so players often return to base in order to fully repair and resupply vehicles. Players who spawn at the main base at the beginning of a match generally load up in vehicles, particularly logistics vehicles. There is a 3-minute "staging phase" timer during which players cannot leave a certain area around the main base or startup vehicle engines.(with a few exceptions, such as the defending team on certain Invasion layers).

Logistics resupply[edit | edit source]

The main base is where logistics trucks and technicals will return to in order to resupply construction and ammo points for a Forward Operating Base. Players will need to drive the vehicle into the main base, and from there they can hold right click to add either construction points or ammo points to the logistics vehicle. There is an unlimited supply of points at the main base. These points can then be unloaded at a Forward Operating Base of their choosing by driving the logistics vehicle within the build radius. See Logistic System for more information.

Dome of Defense[edit | edit source]

A Dome of Defense (DoD) surrounds each main base. This invisible barrier destroys all projectiles and pushes back enemy soldiers if they try to enter. The purpose of the barrier is to prevent the main base from being fired upon by enemy forces and gives each team a safe haven.

03 01 01 Basics 1 BCP newLook.jpg

BCP - you and your entire team can spawn here at any time

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