Creating a Minimap

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Requirements[edit | edit source]

GUIDE[edit | edit source]

To begin, left click on "World settings" tab panel on the right hand side of the SDK. Scroll down and find the "Minimap" tab.

First select 2 actors. These actors MUST be on opposite ends of your map you created. If not, your minimap will be out of place or only show a portion of the map.

(These "actors" can consist of having a table on the edge of the map, building, etc)

Replace the minimap settings with these basic settings:

  Title Resolution: 4096
  Title count: 1
  Minimap FOV: 70

(If you don't meet the above 8 GB Minimum requirement, you can do render up to 4 titles count, anything more than that the SDK will crash)

Once inputted, click on "Generate Minimap."

After it renders, your minimap file name should be "<mapname>_minimap." It can be followed with "0-0 through 3-3 or more depending how many tiles you rendered.

(If you choose to go the multiple titles route, you'll need to use a program like imagemagick to stitch the images)

Finally, find "Map Texture," locate your minimap and click it.

Congratulations! You have a minimap.

CAUTION[edit | edit source]

If your computer has "Minimum requirements" to run the SDK, you may experience crashes and errors. If you have only 8 GB, close any programs you have that take RAM; Discord, Steam, web browsers, etc. If not, the SDK will have 'Fatal Errors' due to lack of RAM and force quit/crash itself. These errors and crashes can happen when you try to render 8 titles or more.