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Vehicle Info
 Operators  British Army
 Maps Available  TBA

The FV432 is an armored personnel carrier (APC) in Squad. Adopted by the British Army in 1963, its primary purpose is carrying infantry around the map, and providing light fire support.

statistics[edit | edit source]

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General information[edit | edit source]

The FV432 was introduced in 1963 as the infantry carrier variant of the FV430 series of armored fighting vehicles. The FV432 became the most common variant, being purposed to transport infantry and later serving as fire support. Although it was planned for the FV432 to be replaced by the FV510, some of them were upgraded to modern standards in the British military while others became privately owned.

The FV432 weighs 15 tons (15.3 t). It is 5.25 m long, 2.8 m wide, and 2.28 m tall. The FV432 is operated by one crewmen driver and one passenger gunner. It is armed with a turret mounted .50 cal M2A1 Browning HMG and also has smoke dischargers. It can go up to a speed of 32 mph (52 km/h).

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The FV432 is only used by the British Army.

  • As of update B17 both the driver and the operator of the .50 Cal turret can be equipped with any kit, and do not have to be crewmen. The total carrying capacity is 1 Driver + 10 Passengers (one passenger operates the turret).
  • Good off-road capability, and surprisingly fast(especially compared to wheeled vehicles). This is a oddly quick APC, do not underestimate it.
  • Armoured protection is pretty decent. Your frontal and side armour is the strongest you have, weak points are the roof and the rear doors.
  • The .50 Cal is capable of engaging lightly armoured vehicles, but the gunner only gets iron sights to engage targets, limiting long range accuracy.
  • Its an open top turret so as the gunner you are very exposed to enemy fire. Any jackass with an AK can shoot you out of your position.
Matchups with vehicles of comparable role are as follows:[edit | edit source]
  1. M1126: The M1126 is faster than you, has around the same armour protection, and has the same weapon system except he has the benefit of an accurate CROWS .50 cal opposed to your iron sights. The M1126 can use its CROWS to engage from much longer range, and can also choose to retreat if you get the drop on it. Its maneuverability will aid an experienced driver when it comes to giving his gunner a shot on your weakened rear armour panels. Be on your guard when fighting the Americans.
  2. MT-LB and MT-LBM: Around the same speed as you, but considerably weaker armour across the board. Armament varies depending on which faction you are fighting and what map it is on. PKT MT-LBs present no threat to you. NSVT MT-LBs can, technically speaking, destroy you, but it requires him to get directly behind you and dump rounds directly into the weakest part of your armour. Meanwhile, your .50 Cal can destroy him much faster. 30mm MT-LBMs are the only real danger. Their AP rounds can do significant damage if the gunner knows what he is doing. The more dangerous issue is that he can quite easily plaster your open-top turret with high-explosive rounds. They won't hurt the FV432 very much, but your gunner will soon be dead, leaving you unable to do much except retreat.
  3. BTR-80 and BTR-82A: Both vehicles are much faster than you, but have weaker armour protection. The KPVT of the BTR-80 can destroy you if he gets the drop on you and the gunner is experienced. The BTR-82A can do the same thing much faster under the same conditions. Once again, your armour will deflect hits that will kill your gunner.

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