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Vehicle Info
 Operators  British Army
 Maps Available  Eastern Europe:
Belaya, Fool's Road, Gorodok, Yehorivka
Southern Asia:
Kohat Toi
Middle East:
Al Basrah

The FV510 is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) added to Squad in update V11. It is operated by the British Army.

Gameplay Statistics[edit | edit source]

VehicleSheets FV510.jpg

General Information[edit | edit source]

The FV510 is the principal variant of the FV510 IFV family. Design work began in the 1970s to find a replacement to the FV430 series of vehicles with a vehicle designated as the MCV-80, which eventually became the FV510. Today, a total of 789 FV510s are in service in the British Army while 254 of a modified variant named the Desert FV510 are in service in the Kuwaiti Army.

The FV510 weighs 25.4 tonnes (25.0 long tons; 28.0 short tons). It is 6.3 m (20 ft 8 in) long, 3.03 m (9 ft 11 in) wide, and 2.8 m (9 ft 2 in) tall. It is operated by a total of 3 crewmen: commander, gunner, driver, and can hold a total of 7 infantrymen. Operating with the Perkins V-8 Condor Diesel with 550 hp (410 kW), it can go up to a speed of 46 mph (75 km/h) on road and 31 mph (50 km/h) off road.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The FV510 is used only by the British Army.

Two versions of the FV510 exist in game; The regular version (named the FV510) and the other with increased armoured protection (named the FV510 UA). The latter variant with increased protection is distinguishable by the large armour plates that have been attached to the side above the tracks. All the operating aspects remain the same.

  • The FV510 is operated by two crewmen, the driver and the gunner. You must have the crewman kit equipped to operate the driver or gunner positions. The gunner gets access to the main gun, coaxial MG, and smoke grenade launcher. There is a commander's periscope position, but you do not need a crewman kit to operate it. There is no hunter-killer system or gun stabilization on the FV510, meaning the commander position is only really another set of eyes. The vehicle can carry 9 passengers in addition to the crewmen.
  • The FV510 is armed with a 30mm L2A1 RARDEN cannon capable of firing both Armour Piercing SABOT (120 rounds) and High Explosive rounds (120 rounds). The RARDEN is a relatively slow-firing cannon and the main gun loads its rounds through 6-shot clips that must be constantly reloaded. What this means is that the gunner must press 'R' after every six rounds to load the next clip. The turret also has a coaxial L94A1 7.62mm machine gun as secondary armament and carries 40mm smoke grenades that it can launch to quickly create a smokescreen. You get two "bursts" of smoke grenades for personal defense. To fire the smoke grenades, press "4" on your keyboard to switch over to the grenades and press LMB to fire off the smoke. It can be quite easy to accidentally discharge both your grenade charges at once if you click in a panicked fashion. There is a slight delay between firing and the grenade detonation, so dont assume it isn't working right away. Press "1" to switch back to the main gun.
  • The vehicle's armor is the strongest at the very front, where only heavier anti-tank weapons will pierce its heavy slope . The side armor and rear armor is much weaker, with the side armor protecting against small arms and HMGs only, and the rear armor protecting only against small arms fire. Jensen's range contains an area with 3D Models of all in-game vehicles, and the relative armour thickness of each area of each vehicle. Study this to learn the strongest and weakest areas of the vehicles in-game.


  1. M2A3: The M2A3 is all-around a larger vehicle with a higher profile and thicker armour on the sides and rear. It has belt-fed autocannon, a TOW launcher, and a Commander position with higher-zoom and hunter-killer functionality. The M2A3 is a stronger vehicle overall, with the ability to do more and act more aggressively without fear of destruction. Nevertheless, your main cannon will still pierce its weaker spots, and you can do significant damage if you can surprise it and target the rear areas. You are also smaller and not quite as obvious or loud. Try and avoid a head-to-head engagement.
  2. BMP-2: Facing down the BMP-2 is a lot like facing the M2A3 and the results are mostly the same. The BMP-2 has an ATGM launcher, a rapid fire cannon, and hunter-killer stabilization for the commander and the gunner. The BMP-2 has around the same armoured protection as the FV510, and unlike the M2A3 it has a low profile that makes it harder to spot. It carries 7 Infantry to your 9 so you are slightly more capable when it comes to moving people around, but it is still an upgrade when compared to you and you should once again avoid a head-to-head engagement.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Remember that with the regular FV510, your side and rear armor is weak, so keep infantry or other vehicles covering your flanks, and do not rush past enemy lines. Up-armoured FV510s can be more aggressive if they choose, the armour upgrade is significant.
  • Remember that each clip only has 6 rounds and then you have to load the next one. In an intense battle you need to keep one eye on the bottom right to keep fresh clips flowing. The reload time is quite short, so you should be able to keep the cannon firing.
  • Don't forget about your smoke launchers.
  • If you are running a Vehicle Squad, dont forget you can carry infantry. Communicate with Infantry Squads to find out if someone needs transport to an objective, or at the very least escort their MAN trucks. Support the team.

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