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 Size  2000 x 2000 m (4 km²)

Fallujah is one of the upcoming Maps available in the game Squad. It is still in development. Fallujah West is a map based on the Invasion of Fallujah in Iraq which began in April 2003.

From the June 2017 Recap:

We are excited to announce that production on Fallujah is in full force. We took some time revisiting our workflow and production pipeline before jumping into this map and we really think it will pay off. As you can see we are planning to pay homage to the original map from Project Reality, created by Duckhunt. Production is underway and we will have more to show you in an upcoming dev blog series called "The Road to Fallujah" which will give you a look into our workflow and thought process.[1]

FallujahConcept 01.png

FallujahConcept 02.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The map was originally a custom map for Project Reality made by Duckhunt, a community member.

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