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First Aid Kit

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Info[edit | edit source]

The Medical Kit is used to heal wounded teammates back to full health. The Medic is the only role that has this equipment.

Medicbag US.pngMedicbag RUS.pngMedicbag MIL-INS.png

Overview[edit | edit source]

The medical kit is what separates the medic from other roles, and the medic should use it whenever possible. Use of the medical kit is the only way players can restore their health after being wounded or incapacitated. A medic is able to see other teammates' health levels, indicated in-game by a health icon enclosed in a circle overlaid on the teammate's body.

How to Apply the Medical Kit[edit | edit source]

To apply the medical kit to a wounded teammate:

  1. Select the medical kit from the equipment menu.
  2. Walk up to the wounded teammate.
  3. Aim at the wounded teammate.
  4. Click and hold LMB.

As a player is being healed, the health indicator circle fills up until it disappears, indicating this player is healed back to full health. Multiple medics can heal a single player; however, this is risky because large groups of players who are in close proximity to each other are vulnerable to grenade attacks. Medics can also heal themselves by clicking and holding RMB; however, they cannot see their own health indicator. If a player is currently bleeding or incapacitated, they need to be bandaged or revived with a field dressing before they can be healed with a medical kit. A wounded player's view is limited, and when an incapacitated player is revived, his stamina will not restore—healing the player with a medical kit removes both of these ailments.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Before healing a wounded teammate, the medic and wounded teammate should seek cover and move out of harm's way.
  • The wounded teammate should never face the medic while he is being healed; instead, he should provide cover by keeping his weapon facing whichever direction enemies are most likely to appear from.
  • While a medic is healing you, hold still until you are fully healed.

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