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The G3A3 is one of the Weapons available in Squad.

 Users  Insurgents
 Cartridge  7.62×51mm NATO
 Capacity  20 Round Box Magazine
 Fire Mode  Semi-Automatic or Automatic at 600RPM

General Information[edit | edit source]

The G3A3 is a selective fire, roller-delayed, blowback action battle rifle and a well-known variant of the G3 battle rifle. The G3 is designed by the German company Heckler & Koch in 1956 and adopted by the German Army as the standard service rifle from 1959 to the mid-1990s when it was replaced by the HK G36. Many variants had been created out of the G3, most famously the G3A3, and the G3 is used by many countries around the world. The G3A3 is currently used by two countries: Greece and Portugal, as the standard service rifle.

The G3A3 has drum sights, a fixed plastic buttstock, and a plastic slim, ventilated version and wide handguard that does not contact the barrel. The G3A3 is mainly made out of metal, steel, and plastic. The G3A3 can use either steel or aluminium 20-round box magazines. The G3A3 uses 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • A G3A3 magazine can hold 20 rounds.
  • Can be fired on automatic and semi-automatic.
  • The G3A3 is used by the Insurgents faction in Squad. It is issued to the Squad Leader class.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The G in G3A3 stands for Gewehr which is German for "rifle". The A in G3A3 stands for Ausführung which is German for "version". The literal meaning of G3A3 in English is "Rifle 3 Version 3".
  • There are around 7,000,000 G3 battle rifles in the world currently.

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