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The in-game HUD has been kept minimalistic as a design choice. In the main menu you can toggle the Screen Shot Mode at any time to hide all in-game HUB elements.


Always on the screen[edit | edit source]

Ammo widget[edit | edit source]

The ammo widget provides multiple information for your selected weapon - far bottom right corner;

  • The Ammo circle illustrates your current magazine status. However, please note there is one exception for the M249 SAW – as it is an open bolt gun and does not store rounds in a chamber, the symbol in the center of the circle is always empty for the M249.
  • Loaded Chamber – an icon in shape of a rifle round indicates whether or not a round is in the weapon's chamber. The icon disappears if the chamber (and your current magazine) is empty – if the icon is gone it means you need to reload inside ammo circle;
  • Fire mode - depending on the weapon, either automatic (shown as "A") or single fire (shown as "S") - just left of the ammo circle;
You are fully loaded – you have five spare magazines and one in your weapon. Magazines that are loaded into your weapon, a highlighted in green. You have a round loaded in the chamber. Your fire mode is S for "Single fire".
You have four spare magazines and one empty magazine in your weapon ("loaded chamber" icon is gone). You have no round loaded in the chamber. Your fire mode is A for "Automatic".
You are down to one spare magazine and one in your weapon. The yellow color makes you aware you only have one spare magazine left.
You are using your very last magazine. The red color makes you aware of this situation.
You are out of magazines and rounds. Totally empty.
The circle will adjust the number of segments it shows depending on the the maximum capacity of magazines you can carry for this particular weapon. Left you see an example where you only carry up to two magazines – one is in the weapon, one is spare.

Compass and Squad radar[edit | edit source]

The compass is located at bottom of the screen. This is a very important tool, use it to orientate yourself, give directions and call out enemy sightings to team members. You also see above the compass a visualization of the positions of nearby squad members (Squad radar) within a 180° arc in front of you and within a distance of 20m.

Small circles show more distant members, larger circle show closer members. The Squad Leader is shown with the "Sergeant" rank symbol.
As Medic, you will see squad members in the incapaciated state in red. This will aid you in finding those comrades on the battlefield.
Low health players are shown in yellow to the medic.
Medics are shown to other players in form of a cross.

Ticket counter and timer[edit | edit source]

The combinded Ticket counter and timer is located at the very top right-hand corner of the screen.

On screen when the context calls for it only[edit | edit source]

  • Names of team players appear over the player's heads when you aim at them. Names of squad members show up in green, other team members show up blue. Left to SL's names show a rank symbol ("Sergeant" rank insignia) and the squad number above it. No names are shown over enemies! Yes, this makes enemy identification difficult, so be careful before you fire;
  • When you select a weapon or equipment with the number keys 1 to 0, you will see your inventory HUD appear on the right hand side for a short duration;
  • Stamina indicator – bottom right-hand corner;
  • Health indicator (for medics only) - over the team player's characters;
  • Voice indicator - far bottom left;
  • Control Point widget - top right-hand corner, left of ticket count;
  • Forward Operating Base widget - top left-hand corner;
  • Pre-round or round timer: Before a match starts, you may see the pre-round timer. During a match, if a time limit applies to the match, a round timer will also be shown. These timers appear top, right-hand corner;
  • Map - right half side of screen;
  • Spawn screen;
  • In-game text chat - top left;
  • Administrator text chat - top middle;
  • Status message sometimes appear as feedback when you interact in the game – top middle;

Not on the screen[edit | edit source]

  • Exact current rounds in your weapon;
  • Exact health state;
  • Virtual map markers on the HUD.

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