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Insurgent Forces
Insurgents Flag.PNG
 Theaters  Middle East:
Al Basrah, Fallujah, Mutaha, Tallil Outskirts
Southern Asia:
Chora, Kamdesh Highlands, Kohat Toi, Kokan, Lashkar Valley, Logar Valley, Sumari Bala
 Uniform  Middle-east civil vests
Originally a band of political dissidents, the insurgents as they have come to be known, started growing at an alarming rate with the intervention of foreign powers in their country. Now they pose a significant threat by holding various strategic corners of the countryside and have even made incursions into more urban environments.
~ In-game description

The Insurgent Forces is a semi-fictional playable faction in Squad. This faction is the first generic rebel faction featured in the game. They are featured on Middle-Eastern and Southern Asian style theaters, usually against conventional factions.

History[edit | edit source]

Tired of constant invasions and occupations, these warriors have decided to take up arms and defend their homelands against the tyranny of outsiders. Having spent hundreds of years in conflict with outside nations with little equipment or minimal funding, this highly trained group of fighters grew extremely skilled in the art of guerrilla warfare. Despite an outdated arsenal, the Insurgents use a variety of Soviet equipment, as well as western weaponry to combat their enemies. The Insurgents will continue to fight until all foreigners have been driven from their homelands, just as they have done for centuries.

Flag[edit | edit source]

The insurgent flag features a red half and a black half, bisected by a diagonal yellow line running down the the middle. The red half contains a white silhouette of an AK style rifle.

Kits and equipment[edit | edit source]

Most of the Insurgents' weapons do not have optical sights, which can limit the ranged capability of their small arms. This is somewhat made up for by the abundance of Soviet Field Binoculars of almost every kit role.

Role Type Role Primary Weapon Secondary Weapon Explosives Smoke Grenades Medical Supplies Addtl. Equipment
Command and Support Cell Leader
  • F1 Fragmentation, 2 grenades
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
  • RDG2 Black Smoke, 1 grenade
  • RDG2 Yellow Smoke, 1 grenade
  • AKM, 4 drum mags
Lead Crewman
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
  • F1 Fragmentation, 2 grenades
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
  • RDG2 Yellow Smoke, 2 grenades
  • SKS + PU, 12 clips
  • F1 Fragmentation, 1 grenade
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
Direct Combat Fighter
  • F1 Fragmentation, 2 grenades
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
  • F1 Fragmentation, 1 grenade
  • F1 Fragmentation, 2 grenades
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
Automatic Rifleman
  • F1 Fragmentation, 1 grenade
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
Fire Support Automatic Rifleman
  • RPK, 6 drum mags
  • F1 Fragmentation, 1 grenade
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
  • GP-25 Fragmentation, 10 rounds
  • GP-25 Smoke Marker White, 2 rounds
  • GP-25 Smoke Marker Blue, 2 rounds
  • GP-25 Smoke Marker Red, 2 rounds
Light Anti-Tank
  • RPG-7 High Explosive Anti-Tank, 2 rockets
  • RPG-7 Fragmentation, 3 rockets
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
  • SKS + PU, 12 clips
  • RPG-7 High Explosive Anti-Tank, 1 rocket
  • RPG-7 Fragmentation, 2 rockets
  • F1 Fragmentation, 1 grenade
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
Specialist Machine Gunner
  • PKM, 5 ammo boxes
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
Heavy Anti-Tank
  • RPG-7 Tandem Heavy Anti-Tank, 1 rocket
  • RPG-7 High Explosive Anti-Tank, 1 rocket
  • RPG-7 Fragmentation, 2 rockets
  • RDG2 White Smoke, 2 grenades
  • RPG-29 Tandem Heavy Anti-Tank, 2 rockets
Miscellaneous Unarmed

In-game equipment[edit | edit source]

Insurgent Forces use predominantly Soviet weapons. Unlike the Russian Ground Forces, the Insurgents employ the usage of mostly older weapons, from the mid 1940's to 1980s, as they lack the logistics to access more modern military weaponry. Their clothing is as rag-tag and varied as their weaponry is. Aside from this, they're also the only faction that don't employ autocannons of any kind but rather use the ZU-23 anti-aircraft guns as substitute autocannons.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Small arms[edit | edit source]

Grenades and launchers[edit | edit source]

  • F1 - Fragmentation Grenade
  • RDG2 - Smoke Grenade
  • RKG-3 - Anti-Tank Grenade (Currently Removed)
  • GP-25 - Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
  • RPG-7 - Rocket Launcher
  • RPG-29 - Rocket Launcher

Emplacements[edit | edit source]

  • DshK - Heavy Machine Gun
  • SPG-9 - Recoilless Gun
  • M1937 - Mortar
  • ZU-23 - Anti-Aircraft Gun
  • Hell Cannon* - Mortar

Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Transport[edit | edit source]

Logistics[edit | edit source]

Light attack and recon[edit | edit source]

  • Ural 375
    • ZU-23
  • BRDM-2
    • Scout Car
    • Spandrel
  • Technical
    • DshK
    • SPG-9
    • UB-32 Rocket Artillery
    • Armored DshK
    • Armored SPG-9
    • ZU-23*
    • Mortar*
    • M2*
    • BMP1*
  • HMMWV M1151*
    • DshK

Armored personnel carriers[edit | edit source]

Infantry fighting vehicles[edit | edit source]

Main battle tanks[edit | edit source]


Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In early stages (pre-alpha) of the game, this faction was named the Taliban, a real-life radical Islamic political movement and recognized-terrorist group that is currently waging war against the country of Afghanistan. It was renamed the Insurgents later on in the game.
  • The history behind the Insurgents is inspired by factions in the Middle East and Southern Asia, angered at the domestic interference caused by foreign nations such as the United States and referring to it as "imperialism", and would fight them to preserve their culture of what life was like before.
  • Insurgent models were redone to create a more versatile look in Alpha v11, replacing its older "Taliban-looking" models.[1][2]
  • Along with the Irregular Militia, tracers were removed from all weapons for the Insurgents faction as of Alpha v11.1.

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