Jensen's Range

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Jensen's Range
Jensen's Training Ridge 2.jpg
 Size  1320 x 1320 m (1.7 km²)
Jensens Range Minimap 7.jpg

Jensen's Range is one of the Maps available in the game Squad. This a map is used for testing and training in the Game Mode Firing Range.

You can play any faction on this page - just choose it at the time of entering the Firing Range. Once in-game, you can also switch to the other layers of Jensen's Range with other factions using console commands.

This map is divided in the following parts:

  • Multiple shooting ranges
  • A Close Quarters Combat compound
  • A test track for vehicles

The large shooting range has multiple shooting positions, and its targets are disposed along hundreds of meters. There is also a small 10m range with paper targets behind the British Army spawn. A grenade target structure is there to help players practice their grenade throwing into structures. The CQC Zone is a compound of several walls and rooms, with many windows and weak spots. The entire structure is surrounded by a penthouse that allow the trainers to look inside. The test track allows you to take any of the vehicles on a test drive.

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