Jensen's Range

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Jensen's Range
Jensen's Training Ridge 2.jpg
 Size  1320 x 1320 m (1.7 km²)
Jensens Range Minimap 7.jpg

Jensen's Range is one of the Maps available in the game Squad. This a map is used for testing and training in the Game Mode Firing Range.

The factions involved are US Army and Russian Ground Forces.

This map is divided in the following parts:

  • A shooting range
  • A Close Quarters Combat compound
  • A test track for vehicles

The shooting range has multiple shooting positions, and its targets are disposed along hundreds of meters. It is also surrounded by mountains on its sides, from where it's possible to see the entire range. The CQC Zone is a compound of several walls and rooms, with a big amount of windows and weak spots, all the structure is surrounded by a penthouse that allow the trainers to look on the inside. The test track allows you to take any of the vehicles on a test drive.

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