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In the ROLE tab of the spawn screen you can choose different roles (in other games these are often called "classes"). The role will influence which weapons, equipment (kit) and abilities you will have. Also, the configuration for each role will be different for each faction.

Spawn menu - Role restrictions

Tip: If you mouse-over the symbols in the Role tab, you will see a tooltip with details about each role.

The following roles exist at the moment:

Role description
Squad Leader
Cell Leader
Group leader
Leader of a up to 9-member squad. Can place deployables, manage the squad, and

communicate with other squad leaders

Rifleman/Fighter Equipped with a standard loadout, this role is perfect for general purpose combat.
Automatic Rifleman Provides sustained direct fire support and suppression for the Squad.
Medic Critical to the survivability of a squad, Medics are capable of reviving and healing incapacitated/wounded teammates.
Grenadier Provides indirect fire support with launched grenades, also can mark areas or targets with smoke.
Light Anti-Tank Capable of dealing with most light armour and vehicle threats, as well as entrenched enemies.
Marksman Capable of medium to longe range direct fire support, this role's weapon comes equipped with a powerful optic.
Scout Equipped with semi automatic rifle and binoculars, this role is perfect for scouting enemy positions and guiding fire.
Heavy Anti-Tank Comes with a Tandem HEAT round that will defeat even the heaviest armor with ease.

Not all roles are available at all times. The following role restrictions may apply:

  • If you don't belong to a squad, you only have access to the most basic roles.
  • Some roles are limited for a squad. For example "0/1" means only one member can take this role and currently nobody has taken it yet. Once the limit of the role has been reached, you can no longer claim this role.
  • There is also a kit limitation system which, in short, will make more or less kits available to a squad depending on different parameters such as squad and team strength and other factors. Also, team-wide limitations are enforced for some roles. Read all about it in this post of the official forum.
  • Some roles are faction-restricted, such as the Scout.
Role classes: Fire Support Roles are grouped into role classes, for example “Fire Support Roles”.

Some role classes have role class limitations. In this case you see in the top right-hand header “claimed x/y”. In the example to the left only three members in your squad can choose three roles from this role class.

Some roles have role limitations. This means your squad is allowed only a certain number of members playing this role. The role limitation x/y is shown in the bottom right-hand corner of each role picture.

Some roles have a team-wide role limitation. This means your entire team is allowed only a certain number of members playing this role. The team-wide role limitation x/y is shown in the bottom left-hand corner of the role pictures where this limit is is enforced. The Squad Leader should decide on the composition of his squad's roles.

You can change to available roles in the spawn menu before you spawn or while you are dead. If you want to change your role while you are alive, you have to find a ammo crate – when using a ammo crate you can also change to another role (see Resupplying Ammo).

Best practice[edit | edit source]

Role priority:

  1. Squad Leader - Every squad MUST have a squad leader, and each squad leader should be equipped with the leader kit in order to perform said role tasks (name may vary depending on faction).
  2. Medic - Players playing as medics in their squads are responsible for reviving incapacitated squad members and fellow teammates, they are also expected to be the last ones to be killed.
  3. Automatic Rifleman - LMGs, ATs, and Grenadiers are responsible for providing indirect fire for the squad. Each role excels in specific situations such as armor encounters or wave attacks.
  4. Marksman - Players performing as the marksman role are responsible for anti-infantry maneuvers, this role is strictly used in large, open maps with little cover and not urban maps.
  5. Rifleman - Those playing as rifleman are the backbone of the squad, responsible for general purpose combat and tasks.

Priority 1 and 2 should always be filled.

Priority 3, 4 and 5 should be discussed based on the map and the task your squad is going to complete - speak with your Squad Leader.