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Forward Operating Bases, known as FOBs, are team-wide Spawn points that allow players to physically reinforce a position and establish a presence on the battlefield.

Logistics is the game's way of supporting FOBs. It achieves this by providing building supplies and heavy weapons ammunition in bulk; it is the only way to get supply points to a FOB.

Logistic chain.png

Running Logistics is as simple as driving a fully loaded Logistics Vehicle to the vicinity of a FOB radio, selecting the desired Ammunition or Construction supplies (using mouse scroll while in driver's seat) and pressing the "Drop Supplies" button (default left click). This unloads the Construction or Ammunition points into the FOB depending on which you have selected.

The vehicle will then have to Return to Main Base (RTB) to reload with fresh supplies. For this, simply drive near a repair station at Main Base - select the desired supplies (using mouse scroll while in driver's seat) and pressing the "Load Supplies" button (default right click) to load Construction supplies or Ammunition into the vehicle.

The driver of the truck can now decide what supplies they want to carry and how much (up to the vehicle's capacity). A conventional army logistics truck can carry a combined 3000 resources and a logistics technical can carry a total of 1000 resources. This means that a traditional logistics truck can carry 3000 construction points and 0 ammo points if it wanted to. You could just as easily carry 2500 ammo points and 500 construction points, it really depends on what the situation calls for.

Many non-logistical vehicles are able to carry a small amount of ammo points to resupply troops in the field. Just like the Logistics Vehicle, these ammo carrying vehicles can pick up and drop off Ammunition from any FOB or at the Main Base.

Note: Construction supplies and Ammunition can also be loaded/unloaded from one FOB to another.

Here are some examples of logistics and non-logistics vehicles and their supply capacities. See all Vehicles.

Logistics Vehicles Transport Vehicles APC/IFV
Ural 4320 Truck Logistics Statistic.jpg
M939 Logistics Truck Statistics.jpg
Transport Technical Statistics.jpg
MAN HX Transport Infosheet.png

M-ATV MRAP CROWS Statistic.jpg

M2A3 Bradley Infosheet.png
Supply icon.png Supply capacity (either Ammo or Construction points) Logistic suplly icon.png Construction points Vehicle ammo icon.png Ammo points

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