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Logistics is the game's way of supporting forward operating bases (or "FOBs") by providing building supplies and ammunition in bulk. Running logistics is the only way to keep the team going while they are attacking or defending objectives far away from main. It is a critical aspect of the game; how well or poorly a team runs logistics often determines the team's victory or defeat.

Logistic chain.png

How to Run Logistics[edit | edit source]

The goal of running logistics is to get supply points to a FOB so that the team can build spawn bunkers and other emplacements away from main.

There are two ways of getting supplies to a FOB:

  • Bring supplies from main.
  • Transfer supplies from another FOB.

Tip: The driver can decide what supplies they want to carry and how much (up to the vehicle's capacity). When you are doing a supply run, ask your Squad Leader how much of each type of supplies they want you to bring.

Bringing Supplies From Main[edit | edit source]

  1. Drive a fully loaded logistics vehicle to and stop within range of a FOB.
  2. Activate the radial vehicle interaction menu (press-and-hold the F key by default).
  3. In the vehicle interaction menu, left-click-and-hold on the appropriate button to unload construction points or ammo points into the FOB (construction and ammo are separate buttons).
  4. Drive the vehicle back to main (i.e. Return to Base or "RTB") and stop near a repair station.
  5. Reload fresh supplies into the truck via the vehicle interaction menu.
  6. Return the vehicle to the FOB you are resupplying and stop within range.
  7. Unload the supplies via the vehicle interaction menu.

Tip: You're within range of a FOB if you see the construction and ammo points in the top left corner of your screen. Another way to know the range of a FOB is to toggle range circles on your map: Bring up the deployment screen ( Enter key by default), click the cog wheel in the top right corner of the map, and click to enable range circles. After that, the range circles will appear on your regular map, too (M key by default).

Transferring Supplies From Another FOB[edit | edit source]

The steps are nearly the same, except that instead of driving the vehicle back to main:

  1. Drive the vehicle to and stop within range of another FOB.
  2. Load up supplies from the FOB you are taking supplies away from.
  3. Return the vehicle to the FOB you are resupplying and stop within range.
  4. Unload the supplies.

Loading and Unloading Supplies / Using the Radial Vehicle Interaction Menu[edit | edit source]

While the vehicle is stopped, any teammate in or next to the vehicle can load and unload the supplies using the vehicle interaction menu. Multiple players can load or unload the vehicle faster than if it were just one player. To access the menu, press and hold F while you are in or next to the vehicle. The menu contains six buttons (clockwise):

  1. Rearm
  2. Load Constr. to Vehicle
  3. Unload Constr. Supplies
  4. Unload Ammo Supplies
  5. Load Ammo to Vehicle
  6. Switch to Crewman

Sometimes the "Load" and "Unload" buttons turn red under certain conditions:

  • The "Load" buttons turn red when the vehicle's supply cache is full.
  • The "Unload" buttons turn red when When the vehicle's supply cache is empty.
  • The "Load" and "Unload" buttons turn red when the vehicle is moving too fast or not within range of a FOB.

The following screenshots show the vehicle interaction menu, its buttons, and various states:

Logistics Vehicles[edit | edit source]

A conventional army logistics truck can carry a combined 3000 supply points, and a logistics technical can carry a total of 1400 supply points. For example, a conventional army logistics truck can carry 3000 construction points and 0 ammo points if it wanted to. You could just as easily carry 500 construction points and 2500 ammo points, it really depends on what the situation calls for.

Many non-logistical vehicles are able to carry a small amount of ammo to resupply troops in the field. Just like the logistics vehicle, these ammo carrying vehicles can pick up and drop off ammo from any FOB or from main.

Here are the logistics vehicles and their supply capacities. See all vehicles.

Factions Logistics Vehicles
M939 Logistics Truck Statistics.jpg
MAN HX Logistics Infosheet.png
Ural 4320 Truck Logistics Statistic.jpg
Ural 375D Logistics Statistics.jpg
Logistics Technical Statistics.jpg
Vehicle tickets icon.png Ticket value (number of tickets a team loses when this vehicle is destroyed)
Supply icon.png Supply capacity (either ammo or construction points)
T role crewman.png + Vehicle people icon.png Needed crewman + Carrying capacity (maximum number of crewmen and soldiers that can occupy the vehicle)
Vehicle timer icon.png Respawn timer (how long a team must wait for the vehicle to respawn after it is destroyed)

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