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A US Army medic heals a fellow squad-mate.

The Medic is a command and support role whose primary responsibility is to look after his teammates' health during combat. It is available to all factions.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Medic uses field dressings and a medical kit to bandage (or "patch") bleeding, revive incapacitated (or "downed"), and heal wounded teammates, saving his team from losing precious tickets. He can also bandage 25% faster than standard roles. For instructions on bandaging, reviving, and healing, see Health Management.

The Medic's loadout includes:

Resupplying costs 25 ammo points.

The Medic (or Doc) is the life-blood of your Squad. Without your Medic your Squad cannot hope to function at full effectiveness in the heat of battle. As the Doc, your primary responsibility is to look after injured team mates. You are not there to do the fighting. Of all the Kit choices, where the decision between Specialisation/Rifleman comes into play, the Medic should always be on the side of caution. If the Medic goes down, the team goes down.
~ Cheesy_LeScrub, The Cheesy Tactical Guide

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Medic should never be ahead of his squad; stay together, and the squad's chances of survival will be higher.
  • The Medic should always be the last one to die; protecting your medics is of top priority during an engagement.
  • Whenever possible, always revive a downed medic first before reviving your other teammates so that you have a second medic assisting you in the process.
  • Always have a medic in your squad at all times.

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Game Updates[edit | edit source]

Version Notes
15.4 Death and revivability mechanics tweaked (from v13)
15.0 "Medic" voice command tweaked
14.0 "Medic" voice command call button added for when you're incapacitated on the ground
13.0 Optics variant added; binoculars added for non-optics variant; bandage loadout increased to 9; insta-death penalty timer removed
11.0 Resupply cost updated to 25 ammo points
10.1 Medic's field dressings made 25% faster to apply compared to any other role
10.0 TT-33 pistol added to Insurgents and Militia medic kits, replacing the Makarov
9.4 Hand grenade added to medic kit