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Controls[edit | edit source]

You move with the usual keys W A S D. Crouch with Left-CTRL. Go prone with Z. You can toggle crouching in the settings under "Game Settings" (not under "Controls"!).

You can move in three different speeds:

  • When you just press W A S D, you are running in normal speed;
  • When you also hold Left-SHIFT, you are sprinting;
  • When you hold Left-ALT instead, you are walking slowly – this makes less noise to nearby enemies.

Stamina[edit | edit source]

Stamina control is a fundamental skill for Squad. Out of the two indicator bars at the bottom right-hand corner, the left one displays stamina while the other shows jump exhaustation. Less stamina will cause more sway - having a great effect on combat. You can sprint until your stamina is depleted, however you can only begin to sprint again once you are at the 'low stamina' (orange) state. The amount of stamina you regain depends on your stance and movement status (refer to table below).

Stamina manipulation during specific motion states
Movement Status Standing Crouching Proning
Slow regain Quicker regain Quickest regain
Slow regain No regain Loss
Loss Loss Loss
Stamina debuffs at each state
Full stamina - No debuffs
Reduced stamina - Slightly greater sway
Low stamina – Above debuff plus sprinting is disallowed
Stamina bar exhaustion
Exhaustion state - All of the above debuffs plus the inability to zoom in
Depleted stamina - All of the above debuffs

Other movement options[edit | edit source]

Jump with SPACE. While you are crouching you cannot jump. Jumping exhausts its own stamina bar.

There is Jump and crouch for a slight increase in the height of your jump which can help to get over slightly higher obstacles. With V.7 there has been an increase with amount you can jump, you have a vertical bar on the right when you jump. Showing your jumping fatigue.

You can lean left and right by holding Q and E. Leaning exposes less of your body to the enemy, and gives you a slight advantage when in a firefight. You can toggle leaning in the settings under "Game Settings" (not under "Controls"!).

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