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Offworld Industries LLC (OWI) are the developers of the game Squad.

OWI is an independent studio formed in 2015 by more than 15 developers who had worked together for more than 50 man-years combined on Project Reality. One of the founding purposes was to bring a standalone successor of this acclaimed mod to market (see major development milestones). OWI is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The team itself however, composed of part- and full-timers as well as freelancers, is spread out throughout the world.

"Offworld Core" is a stripped-down game design and development "feature framework", layered atop Epic's Unreal Engine using their SDK. The following announced games are built with Offworld Core:

Team & Repeating Collaborator[edit | edit source]

Will 'Merlin' Stahl
Co-Founder, Operations Manager
Chris 'Irontaxi' Greig
Business Manager
Alastair 'Chuc' Sew Hoy
Media Manager
Phil Merricks
Lead Programmer
Tom 'Z-Trooper' Jensen
Lead Artist
Justin 'Ghostdance' Vanson
Lead Environment Artist
Drew 'Oxy' Fletcher
Lead Level Designer
Norbert 'Norby' Rothermel
QA Lead
Anders 'Anders' Jacobsson
Lead Sound Designer
Bruno 'Bruno' Gorostiaga
Visual Effects Artist
Dustin 'SgtRoss' Ross
Game Designer
Alexandru Tataru
3D Artist
Benjamin Muehling
Level Designer
Christoffer 'Motherdear' Clausen
Dave 'Drav' Mason
3D Artist
Ernest 'ifire' Lee
Jacek Maj
Environment Artist
Joshua 'Odin' Webster
Programmer/Military Advisor
Kory Postma
Mark J.
3D Artist
Mathew Dismuke
3D Artist
Mel-Frederic Fidorra
Character Artist
Michael 'Mr. Fishy' Brune
Scott Tobin
Musical Composer
Simon Ronkko
UI/UX Designer
Tim 'Tim270' Douglas
3D Artist
Timothy Head
Level Designer
Toni Vaisanen
Level Designer
Tristan Mills
Environment Artist
Zakary 'StrangeZak' Strange
Andrew 'Melbo' Mellor
Military Advisor
Dovydas Vilimas
Video Director/Editor
Jane 'Rose' Johnston
Morgan 'SuicidalChair' Mcleod
Customer Support
Game Designer
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