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 Users  Insurgents
 Cartridge  7.62x39mm
 Capacity  30 Round Box Magazine
 Fire Mode  Semi-Automatic or Automatic at 600RPM

The PMD-63 is one of the Weapons available in Squad. The PMD-65 is adopted as the standard service rifle of the Romanian Army from 1963 to 1986, when it got replaced by the PA-MD-86.

General Information[edit | edit source]

The PMD-63 is a Romanian gas-operated clone variant of the Russian AKM assault rifle. It is designed by the Romtechnica company in pre-1963 and adopted by the Romanian Army as the standard service rifle in 1963. Though the rifle ended its military service for the Romanian Army in 1986, it is still used today as reserves and as the standard service rifle of the Romanian Navy. The PMD-63 is used by numerous countries around the world as well as non-state organizations such as the Provisional Irish Republican Army and the Islamic terrorist group, the Islamic State (IS).

The PMD-63 retains all of the features that are included in the AKM assault rifle. However, though, the PMD-63 comes with an integral wooden vertical grip on the lower handguard which is not included in the AKM. Due to the fact the PMD-63 is an indirect clone to the AKM, it is simple to handle and use and easy to manufacture. The PMD-63 uses 7.62x39mm cartridges.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

  • The PMD-63 magazine holds 30 rounds.
  • Can be fired on automatic and semi-automatic.
  • The PMD-63 is only used by the Insurgents faction. It is issued to the Squad Leader class.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The abbreviation PMD from PMD-63 is incorrect. It is supposed to be actually PM-MD which stands for Pistol Mitralieră model which means in English from Romanian "Machine Pistol/Submachine Gun Model". 63 stands for the year the PMD-63 was designed, which is 1963.

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