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 Users  Russian Ground Forces
Irregular Militia
 Cartridge  450g of Anthracene
 Capacity  Single Unit
 Fire Mode  Throw

General Information[edit | edit source]

The RDG-2 (Ручная Дымовая Граната - Smoke hand grenade) is a cheap, simple, Soviet-era smoke grenade found in many Eastern European countries. Purchasable off the internet, the RDG-2 is popular for many paramilitary organisations and civilian applications. The casing is made from cylindrical cardboard with two coloured caps on the end where the smoke is deployed from. The RDG-2 is used as a ground to ground or ground to air signaling or a screening device for unit maneuvering. Weighing five hundred grams, the average male soldier can throw it approximately twenty-five metres.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

It takes four seconds for the RDG-2 to become ready for deployment as both ends of the tube need to be pulled. The RDG-2 can be thrown thirty-five metres. Once the grenade is thrown, it takes eight seconds for the smoke to be deployed. From the deployment of smoke, the grenade will be most effective after twelve seconds. The RDG-2 will remain in its most effective state for twenty-five seconds before the amount of smoke is reduced, after this point it takes one minute before it becomes inert. The grenade will become completely inert after one minute and forty-five seconds.

It is available in blue, red, orange, yellow, black, green, purple and white.

  • Russia's colours are orange, blue, red and white. The classes which carry two white units of the RDG-2 are rifleman, marksman, light anti-tank, rifleman, medic and squad leader. The medic role comes with an additional orange RDG-2. The squad leader also has an additional orange and purple RDG-2.
  • Insurgent's colours are white, black and yellow. Every role receives two white RDG-2 grenades. Squad leader receives one black and yellow RDG-2. The medic receives one yellow RDG-2.
  • Irregular Militia's colours are white, yellow and green. Every role receives two white RDG-2 grenades. Squad leader receives one green and one yellow RDG-2. The medic receives one yellow RDG-2.

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