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The RGD-5 is the hand grenade of choice used by the Russian Ground Forces and Irregular Militia. It makes a distinct "pop" sound when thrown, much like the F1.

 Users  Russian Ground Forces
Irregular Militia
 Cartridge  110g of Trinitrotoluene
 Capacity  Single Unit
 Fire Mode  Throw

General Information[edit | edit source]

The RGD-5 (Ручная Граната Дистанционная - Hand Grenade Remote) is a Soviet-Era anti-personnel fragmentation grenade. Although Russia has updated its hand grenade inventory, many Middle-Eastern countries, such as Iraq, still have these on hand. The grenade weights a total of three hundred and ten grams allowing the average soldier to throw it twenty-five metres.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The grenade can be thrown approximately fifty to sixty meters across a flat surface. Immediately after the grenade is thrown, detonation occurs after four seconds. The blast radius is approximately three metres from the center, with further damage occurring approximately fifteen metres from the detonation site.

  • Available to the following Russian infantry kits: all squad leaders, iron sight AK-74M medic, rifleman, iron sight RPK-74M automatic rifleman, and RPG-26 light anti-tank.
  • Available to the following Irregular Militia kits: all squad leaders, both medics, all riflemen, both automatic rifleman, and marksman.

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