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Information.svg Note: The RKG-3 is currently not in Squad as of A16.1. It was pulled out due to bugs and is expected to make a return in a future update.
 Users  Insurgents
 Cartridge  900g of RDX
 Capacity  Single Unit
 Fire Mode  Throw

General Information[edit | edit source]

The RKG-3 (Ручная Кумулятивная Граната - Handheld Shaped Charge Grenade) is a Soviet-Era anti-armour grenade. It is designed to destroy up to one hundred and fifty-five millimetres of armour. It is widely used in the Middle-East by Iraqi insurgents to damage a M-ATV or M1126.

In-Game[edit | edit source]

The RKG-3 can be thrown ten metres across a flat surface. The grenade detonates on impact and has a low explosive radius. It is unrecommended for anti-infantry use as a direct impact on a person is needed for fatality.

The grenade was available to the Insurgent's raider role.

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