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RPG-7 real life.jpg
 Users  Russian Ground Forces, Insurgents, Irregular Militia
 Cartridge  40mm Rocket
 Capacity  One
 Fire Mode  Single Shot

The RPG-7 is an anti-tank weapon available in Squad. It is the most common anti-tank weapon in the game, used by the RGF, Irregular Militia, and Insurgent factions. There are a number of different variants, and several different warheads.

General description[edit | edit source]

The RPG-7 was designed by the Bazalt company in 1961 and later adopted by the Soviet Army in the same year. The weapon's simplicity, low cost, ruggedness, and efficiency made it one of the most popular anti-tank weapons in the world and it has been used from the Vietnam War to the present day. Its aforementioned ease of use and cheapness allowed it to be produced in enormous quantities and tens of thousands of them were purchased by dozens of countries across the globe. Today, two versions are created from the original design; the RPG-7V2, which is capable of firing standard and dual high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) rounds and fragmentation rounds, and the RPG-7D3; the modern paratrooper version of the RPG-7.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The RPG-7 is used by the Russian Ground Forces, Irregular Militia, and the Insurgents. It is the standard launcher on the majority of the Heavy Anti-Tank and Light Anti-Tank kits, making it the most common rocket launcher in Squad. It is capable of firing three types of rocket rounds; a Fragmentation round, High Explosive Anti-Tank round, and a Tandem Heavy Anti-Tank round. Both the OG-7V Fragmentation round and the PG-7V High Explosive Anti-Tank round are used by the Light Anti-Tank and Heavy Anti-Tank kits. The PG-7VR Tandem Heavy Anti-Tank round is only available to the Heavy Anti-Tank. See the Light Anti-Tank and Heavy Anti-Tank pages for more information. The following is a brief description of each rocket type and intended use.

Rounds[edit | edit source]

OG-7V Fragmentation Rocket PG-7V High Explosive Anti Tank Rocket PG-7VR Tandem Heavy Anti-Tank Rocket
Fragmentation round.jpg
Heat Round
PG-7VR Tandem High Explosive Anti Tank (HEAT) Round.png
  • Should only be used to engage infantry as Fragmentation rounds deal very limited to no damage against vehicles.
  • Recommended for engaging targets behind cover or multiple targets that are bunched up together for maximum impact. Large splash radius.
  • Effective against all types of armored vehicles.
  • Recommended to be used against unarmored/light armored vehicles including Technicals, MRAPs, BRDM-2, Trucks, and Armored Personnel Carriers.
  • Arming distance: 25m
  • Armor penetration: 400 mm RHA
  • Powerful Heavy Anti-Tank rocket. Capable of destroying or disabling most of the lightly armoured vehicles in one shot.
  • Recommended targets are heavily armored vehicles, including Armored Personnel Carriers, Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and Main Battle Tanks.
  • Arming distance: 40m

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • With the RPG-7, the arming distance of the Frag and HEAT rockets is 25 meters; the arming distance of the Tandem HEAT is 40 meters. If a rocket strikes a target closer that its arming distance it will fail to detonate.
  • Make sure the proper round is armed in advance. Fragmentation rounds do not damage armor, but may puncture tyres. High Explosive Anti-Tank rounds are effective against all armor types, and Tandem rounds should be reserved for the heaviest armor, such as Infantry Fighting Vehicles and Main Battle Tanks, when possible.
  • Before firing, make sure no one is standing behind you since the back-blast generated from firing a rocket can injure or kill anyone standing too close behind you.
  • It is strongly recommended to practice with the RPG-7 on the Shooting Range. The Insurgents and Irregular Militia RPG-7s can be ranged (Default X key + mouse wheel) up or down by 100-meter increments to accurately hit targets at greater distances. The Russian Ground Forces RPG-7 with PGO-7 2.8x optic takes some time to become familiar with but with enough practice can be used with deadly accuracy. See below for information on how to properly range the RPG-7 with PGO-7 2.8x optic.

Russian Ground Forces Variant[edit | edit source]

RPG7v2 PGO-7 2.8x Scope[edit | edit source]

The RPG-7V2 package adds the PGO-7 2.8x optic to the launcher, for both Russian Light Anti Tank and Heavy Anti Tank kits. This allows Russian anti-tank kits to better acquire targets and account for distance with the built-in projectile drop compensator reticle. This reticle accounts for all ammunition types. The left side of the compensator reticle is for acquiring targets with the OG-7V Fragmentation rocket and the PG-7V Heavy Anti Tank-Tank rocket up to a range of 500 meters, whereas the right side is for acquiring targets with the PG-7VR Tandem Heavy Anti-Tank rocket up to a distance of 200 meters.

How to use it[edit | edit source]

Rpg pgo-7 scope.png

Gallery[edit | edit source]

RPG-7[edit | edit source]

RPG-7v2[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The version of RPG-7 the RGF uses is the RPG-7V2 and the RPG-7D3.
  • RPG stands for Ручной Противотанковый Гранатомёт - Ruchnoy Protivotankoviy Granatomyot in Russian which in English means Hand-held anti-tank grenade launcher. An unofficial abbreviation of the RPG is "rocket-propelled grenade".

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