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Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The radio hub is an object placed by a Squad Leader to create a Forward Operating Base. The radio hub is necessary to construct deployable assets and can be thought of as the heart of the Forward Operating Base. Only a Squad Leader with a Squad Leader kit can place a radio hub and is accessed through the deployables menu by pressing T. In order to place a radio hub, the Squad Leader requires one other member from the team to be nearby and a logistics vehicle to be within 30-meters. In addition, a radio hub cannot be placed within 300-meters from another radio hub. This radius can be displayed on the map from the drop-down menu. Once placed, the radio hub can then be supplied by a logistics vehicle with construction and ammo points. These points are seen in the top right corner when a player is within the 150-meter build radius. Unlike deployable assets, a radio hub does not need to be constructed with an Entrenching tool. If construction points are available, the Squad Leader can then place deployable assets within the 150-meter build radius, which then need to be constructed by other team members with the Entrenching tool. When construction and ammo points are depleted, a logistics vehicle will need to deliver supplies from main base in order to continue building and resupplying ammunition. See the Logistic System for more information.

The radio hub can be destroyed by firepower above a certain caliber or dug down by a holding down right-mouse-click with the Entrenching tool. Satchel charges set by a Combat Engineer and Sapper or the improvised explosive device set by a Sapper are also very effective at lowering the health of the radio hub. Once destroyed, all tech structures and emplacements placed within a radio hub's build vicinity will be destroyed as well. Fortifications such as sandbags and HESCO blocks will remain. If enemy player destroys your radio hub, your team will lose 10 tickets. Deconstructing the radio hub to below 75% will make the Spawn Bunker unspawnable.

Please see Forward Operating Base, Logistic System, Spawn Bunker, and Deployables to fully understand how radio hubs work and their importance to gameplay in Squad.

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Ingame[edit | edit source]

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