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Repair toolbox

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The Repair toolbox is an additional piece of equipment currently available to three roles; the Crewman, Combat Engineer, and Sapper. The purpose of the Repair Toolbox is to repair damaged vehicles on the battlefield.

Information[edit | edit source]

The Repair Toolbox repairs damaged vehicles, up to a certain extent. To initiate a repair, equip the Repair Toolbox, move close to a damaged vehicle and hold left-click. The character will then begin repairing the vehicle to the max allowed limit. As of Alpha 13, the Repair toolbox can only repair a vehicle's overall health back to 25%. For vehicle engines, Light Vehicles can be repaired to 100%, while APCs and higher can be repaired up to 80% of engine health. Turrets can be repaired up to 50% of health, and a cracked gunner optic will be patched. Note that all repairs occur simultaneously, meaning a vehicle's overall health, engine, wheels/tracks, and turret will repair all at the same time. To restore a vehicle back to 100% health, it is necessary to drive it to a Repair Station, either at Main Base or one constructed at a Forward Operating Base.

Destroyed tracks and wheels can always be repaired to 100% health. Now that vehicle's wheels and tracks can be destroyed, as well as vehicle engines, Repair Toolboxes are required to bring damaged vehicles back to life. To deny the team a vehicle, specifically logistical trucks/technicals, the enemy may simply destroy the wheels or tracks to severely limit the vehicle's speed. Often the only way to get a vehicle up and running again, besides destroying it, is to repair the wheels or tracks. Thus having someone on your team with a Repair Toolbox can often prove invaluable.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Repair Toolbox was added with V12
  • Two animations currently exist; One where the character uses a socket wrench, the other a hammer. Both animations do the exact same thing.