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Important hint: Your score is only updated after you died. This is intentional to prevent the use of the scoreboard as kill confirmation.

During a match, when you hold the Tab key you will see the in-match score board (below). Not only will you see your own, your squad's and your team's current score, but you also the server name (top left-hand corner the scoreboard), the current map name ( center of the scoreboard) and current game mode (top right-hand corner the scoreboard).

Score Board during round.

At the end of a match the final score board will come up (below) – it will provide additional information:

Score Board at the end of the round.

The scoring is not final yet and is changed often. Therefore we will not provide exact scores in the manual at this point in time. Also, the score will not determine the result of a match but only gives an performance indication for individuals, squads and the teams. The following guidelines will help you to score and do well in Squad:

You earn points for:

  • Killing an enemy player
  • Reviving or healing a team player
  • Capping a CP
  • Decapping an enemy FOB
  • Destroying an enemy RP
  • Shovel to construct deployables at a FOB
  • ...

You lose points for:

  • Dying
  • Team kill
  • Suicide


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