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There are a number of commands that can be executed on a running dedicated server while being in-game. With these commands you can control how the server runs.

There are commands that a available to all player, even public players - those commands are called public commands. All other commands require the player to be assigned a specific access level by a server administrator.

In order to enter a command, you have to open the console. On an English keyboard you access the console by double tapping the ` (tilde) key on your keyboard. If this does not work for you, an easy workaround is to press the AllChat key J on your keyboard and then press backspace and remove the current command "ChatToAll" - now you have the console open and ready to use.

Admin Access Levels[edit | edit source]

The following table lists the existing access levels. Please note that all players have access to the public commands; there is no access level for public commands.

Access levels need to be assigned to individual users - see section "Adding Admins in Admins.cfg" for more details on this. Only the server administrators of the dedicated server in question can set these and they will only apply to this server.

Level Description
changemap Map commands
canseeadminchat This group can see the admin chat
pause Match commands
cheat Access to some cheat commands
private Set server private
chat Admin chat
kick kick commands
ban ban commands
config Set server configuration
immunity Cannot be kicked or banned
manageserver Manage server / kill server
cameraman Spectate players
featuretest Commands being tested
forceteamchange Allows forced team changes
reserve Reserved slot access
demos Record demo's (currently broken)
debug Debug commands
teamchange Change teams without penalty

Admin Console Commands[edit | edit source]

Difference between <NameOrSteamId> and "<BanLength>":

When it says "<TextToEntry>" you're supposed to put said text in " " When it says <TextToEntry> you're supposed to free text it.

Check AdminKick for further details.

Admin Command Access Description
AdminKick kick AdminKick "<NameOrSteamId>" <KickReason> (Kicks a player from the server)

Example: Adminkick "Guemi" Intentional TK - This command will kick the player Guemi with the reason Intentional TK. Notice how nickname is inside quotation marks but reason is free text.

AdminKickById kick AdminKickById <PlayerId> <KickReason> (Kicks a player with Id from the server)

AdminKickById 75 Camping enemy uncapable - This command will kick the player with the ID 75 with the reason "Camping enemy uncapable". Check ListPlayers command for how to find ID.

AdminBan ban AdminBan "<NameOrSteamId>" "<BanLength>" <BanReason> (Bans a player from the server for a length of time.  0 = Perm, 1d = 1 Day, 1M = 1 Month, etc)

Adminban "Hodor" "1M" You're attacking the enemy uncapable. One month ban. - This command will banned Hodor for one month and kick him with the reason stated.

AdminBanById ban AdminBanById <PlayerId> "<BanLength>" <BanReason> (Bans player with Id from the server for length of time. 0 = Perm, 1d = 1 Day, 1M = 1 Month, etc)

AdminBanById 75 "1M" Attacking main base - 1 month ban. - Same process here, but with player ID. For people with "weird" names. Check ListPlayers command for how to find ID.

AdminBroadcast chat AdminBroadcast <Message> (Send system message to all players on the server)

AdminBroadcast Always apologize for TK's! - Sends a broadcast with red text in the center upper part of the screen to all players. Which admins sends the command is also shown.

ChatToAdmin chat ChatToAdmin <Message> (Send system message to all admins on the server)

Same as all the other chats, but only admins see it.

AdminRestartMatch pause AdminRestartMatch (Tell the server to restart the match)
AdminEndMatch pause AdminEndMatch (Tell the server to immediately end the match)
AdminPauseMatch pause AdminPauseMatch (Tell the server to put the match on hold)
AdminUnpauseMatch pause AdminUnpauseMatch (Tell the server to take off the hold)
AdminKillServer manageserver AdminKillServer <Force 0/1> (Tells the server to stop execution)
AdminChangeMap changemap AdminChangeMap <MapName> (Change the map and travel to it immediately)
AdminSetNextMap changemap AdminSetNextMap <MapName> (Set the next map to travel to after this match ends)
AdminSetMaxNumPlayers config AdminSetMaxNumPlayers <NumPlayers> (Set the maximum number of players for this server)
AdminSetNumReservedSlots config AdminSetNumReservedSlots <NumReserved> (Set the number of reserved player slots)
AdminSetServerPassword private AdminSetServerPassword <Password> (Set the password for a server or use "" to remove it)
AdminSlomo cheat AdminSlomo <TimeDilation> (Set the clock speed on the server 0.1 is 10% of normal speed 2.0 is twice the normal speed)
AdminStats debug AdminStats (Retrieve stats from the server)
AdminForceTeamChangeById forceteamchange AdminForceTeamChangeById <PlayerId> (Changes a player with a certain id's team)
AdminForceTeamChange forceteamchange AdminForceTeamChange <NameOrSteamId> (Changes a player's team)
AdminAlwaysValidPlacement cheat AdminAlwaysValidPlacement <alwaysValid> (Sets the server to ignore placement rules for deployables)
AdminDisableVehicleClaiming cheat AdminDisableVehicleClaiming <0/1> (Set the server to disable vehicle claiming)
AdminAllKitsAvailable cheat AdminAllKitsAvailable <Valid> (Sets the server to ignore kit restrictions)
AdminNetTestStart debug AdminNetTestStart (Starts the network test and prints it to the clients logs)
AdminNetTestStop debug AdminNetTestStop (Stops the network test)
AdminDemoPlay demos AdminDemoPlay <FileName> (Plays back the demo recording, must have file from server)
AdminDemoRec demos AdminDemoRec <FileName> (Records gameplay, you must run this first)
AdminDemoStop demos AdminDemoStop (Stops recording and saves the demo to disk)
AdminProfileServer debug AdminProfileServer <SecondsToProfileFor> <bUseRaw> (Starts profiling on the server for a fixed length of time, after which the profiling data is saved to disk.)
AdminListDisconnectedPlayers ban AdminListDisconnectedPlayers (List recently disconnected player ids with associated player name and SteamId (Max. 15))
TraceViewToggle FeatureTest TraceViewToggle (Runs a trace from center of screen out to any objects and displays information about that object)

Public Commands[edit | edit source]

Command Description
ListPlayers ListPlayers (List player ids with associated player name and SteamId)

Use the player ID (not steamid) with AdminKickById or AdminBanByID.

ListCommands ListCommands (Prints out the information for all commands in the game.)
ShowCommandInfo ShowCommandInfo (Print out the details of a particular command)
ShowNextMap ShowNextMap (Ask the server what the next map is)
GiveUp GiveUp (Die and give up being wounded)
Respawn Respawn (Causes the player to commit suicide)
ChangeTeams ChangeTeams (Change teams to the other side)
ChangeTeamsWithId ChangeTeamsWithId <NewTeam> (Change teams to the specified team number, zero changes to the other side)
CreateSquad CreateSquad <Name> (Request the creation of a squad, specifying the name)
JoinSquadWithName JoinSquadWithName <Name> (Join a squad on our team with the following name)
JoinSquadWithId JoinSquadWithId <Id> (Join a squad on our team with the following id)
LeaveSquad LeaveSquad (Leave the squad we are currently in)
CreateRallyPoint CreateRallyPoint (Drop a rally point for squad members to spawn from)
ApproveVehicleClaim ApproveVehicleClaim (As a squad leader, tries to approve a vehicle clain made by a squad member attempting to enter a vehicle)
Chat Chat "<Message>" <ChatType=All|Team|Squad> (Broadcast chat message)
ChatToAll ChatToAll <Msg> (Chat to everyone)
ChatToTeam ChatToTeam <Msg> (Chat only to same team)
ChatToSquad ChatToSquad <Msg> (Chat only to same squad)
DisableHudWidgets DisableHudWidgets (Removes all widgets on the HUD)
DisableUI DisableUI (Removes the UI components from the screen)
Stat FPS Stat FPS (Draw frame rate on screen)
Stat Unit Stat Unit (Draws game, draw, and gpu times on screen)
HighResShot HighResShot <Resolution/Multiplier> (take a screen shot, e.g., "HighResShot 3840x2160" or "HighResShot 4")
r.SetRes r.SetRes <Resolution> (change screen resolution, "r.setres 1920x1080f")
Disconnect Disconnect (Disconnects from server)
Reconnect Reconnect (Reconnects to previous server)

Spectator Camera[edit | edit source]

The spectator camera (often also called "admin camera" or "admin cam"), a semi-free movement camera, is a very useful feature for clans and tournament hosts or if you want to have full camera control when recording gameplay videos of Squad.

You need to have access level "cameraman" in order to use the camera. There is one exception: on Firing Range all players can use the camera.

While in the camera, you soldier character will be invisible. When you exit the camera, you return to the soldier character.

If you want to record pure gameplay footage without any HUD elements, you can use the public commands "DisableUI" and "DisableHudWidgets".

If you want to watch from both team's sides, you will have to switch teams to see the other side.

OWI is constantly improving and adding functionality to the spectator camera, however please be aware of some known bugs and problems:

  • Very rarely when existing the camera you get glitched. In this case you will need to suicide to respawn.
  • While seated in a vehicle do not enter the spectator camera.
  • If, after existing the camera, your character arms do not move, you will need to suicide to respawn.
  • If you switch teams twice without leaving the camera you sometimes will completely glitch out and need to restart Squad.
  • If you use player stencils without having HUDViews turned on, the outlines will ghost.

The following table shows all available controls of the spectator camera. All controls only work if you have the spectator camera turned on.

Control Description
Shift + P Turn spectator camera on/off
w, a, s, d Move camera
Space Go Up
CTRL Go Down
Scroll Wheel (default) Forward: Increase movement speed

Backwards: Decrease movement speed

Left-ALT Immediately stop the camera movement
mouse Pan camera
press 1

then use Scroll Wheel

Change movement speed (default)
press 2

then use Scroll Wheel

Changes Field of View (FOV)
press 3

then use Scroll Wheel

changes focal distance of Depth of Field (DOF)
press 4

then use Scroll Wheel

changes DOF blur size
F Turn DOF on/off
6 Turn CaptureZones overlay on/off (grids visually show the capture zones)
7 Turn player stencils (outlines) on/off
8 Toogle HUDViews between the following states: ALL/FRIENDLY/ENEMY/OFF.

Upward triangle means alive, downward triangle means incapacitated or dead.

9 Turn player nametags on/off

Vehicle Spawn Commands[edit | edit source]

Please note, you can ONLY spawn vehicles on unlicensed servers with the featuretest admin permissions.

Technicals[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
Technical AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/technical/bp_technical.bp_technical_c
Green Technical AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_Green.BP_Technical_Green_C
Green Shielded Technical AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_Green_Shielded.BP_Technical_Green_Shielded_C
Logi Technical AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_Logi.BP_Technical_Logi_C
Green Logi Technical AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_Logi_Green.BP_Technical_Logi_Green_C
Shielded Technical AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_Shielded.BP_Technical_Shielded_C
Transport Technical AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_transport.BP_Technical_transport_C
Green Transport Technical AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_transport_Green.BP_Technical_transport_Green_C
Technical UB32 AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_UB32.BP_Technical_UB32_C
Green Technical UB32 AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_UB32_Green.BP_Technical_UB32_Green_C
Technical SPG9 AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_SPG9.BP_Technical_SPG9_C
Green Technical SPG9 AdminCreateVehicle /Game/Vehicles/Technical/BP_Technical_SPG9_Green.BP_Technical_SPG9_Green_C

MATV[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
MATV AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/MATV/BP_MATV.BP_MATV_C
MATV CROWS AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/matv/BP_MATV_CROWS.BP_MATV_CROWS_C

BTR 80[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
BTR 80 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/btr80/bp_btr80.bp_btr80_c
Desert BTR 80 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/btr80/BP_BTR80_Desert.BP_BTR80_Desert_c
Militia BTR 80 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/btr80/BP_BTR80_Militia.BP_BTR80_Militia_c

BTR 82a[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
BTR 82a AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/btr80/82A/bp_btr82a.bp_btr82a_c
Desert BTR 82a AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/btr80/82A/bp_btr82a_desert.bp_btr82a_desert_c

URAL 375[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
URAL 375 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Ural375/bp_ural_375.bp_ural_375_c
Desert URAL 375 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Ural375/BP_Ural_375_Desert.BP_Ural_375_Desert_c
Green URAL 375 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Ural375/BP_Ural_375_Green.BP_Ural_375_Green_c
Logi URAL 375 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Ural375/BP_Ural_375_Logi.bp_BP_Ural_375_Logi_c
Green Logi URAL 375 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Ural375/BP_Ural_375_Logi_Green.BP_Ural_375_Logi_Green_c
Desert Logi URAL 375 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Ural375/BP_Ural_375_Logi_Desert.BP_Ural_375_Logi_Desert_c

URAL 4320[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
URAL 4320 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Ural4320/bp_ural_4320.bp_ural_4320_c

M939[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
M939 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/m939truck/bp_m939.bp_m939_c
Logi M939 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/m939truck/bp_m939_logi.bp_m939_logi_c
Desert M939 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/m939truck/bp_m939_desert.bp_m939_desert_c
Desert Logi M939 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/m939truck/bp_m939_logi_desert.bp_m939_logi_desert_c

Minsk Motorbike[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
Minsk Motorbike AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Minsk_motorbike/bp_minsk.bp_minsk_c
Black Minsk Motorbike AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Minsk_motorbike/bp_minsk_black.bp_minsk_black_c
Blue Minsk Motorbike AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Minsk_motorbike/bp_minsk_blue.bp_minsk_blue_c
Green Minsk Motorbike AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Minsk_motorbike/bp_minsk_green.bp_minsk_green_c

Stryker[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
Stryker AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/Stryker/BP_Stryker.BP_Stryker_c

MTLB[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
MTLB AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/MTLB/BP_MTLB.BP_MTLB_c
MTLB 30mm AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/MTLB/BP_MTLB_30mm.BP_MTLB_30mm_c
Insurgents MTLB AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/MTLB/BP_MTLB_Insurgents.BP_MTLB_Insurgents_c
Desert Russian MTLB AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/MTLB/BP_MTLB_Russian_Desert.BP_MTLB_Russian_Desert_c
Desert Russian MTLB 30mm AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/MTLB/BP_MTLB_Russian_Desert_30mm.BP_MTLB_Russian_Desert_30mm_c
Green Russian MTLB AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/MTLB/BP_MTLB_Russian_Green.BP_MTLB_Russian_Green_c
Green Russian MTLB 30mm AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/MTLB/BP_MTLB_Russian_Green_30mm.BP_MTLB_Russian_Green_30mm_c

BRDM-2[edit | edit source]

Vehicle Command
BRDM-2 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/BRDM-2/BP_BRDM-2.BP_BRDM-2_c
Insurgents BRDM-2 AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/BRDM-2/BP_BRDM-2_Insurgents.BP_BRDM-2_Insurgents_c