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Spawn points are used to spawn on the map at the start of the game or after you died.

General Information[edit | edit source]

Spawn Points are an integral component to Squad's gameplay. Whenever a player dies, they select which spawn point they wish to spawn on in order to return to the map. The primary spawn points players use are spawn bunkers placed within a Forward Operating Base build radius, and rally points placed by a Squad's respective Squad Leader. If a team lacks spawn points outside of the main base, they will be at a severe disadvantage as this will force them to spawn far from capture points, their teammates, and other critical locations on the map. When a player dies, deciding on which spawn point to spawn on must be carefully considered and is often made by communicating with your squadmates, specifically the Squad leader. Please note that once a player selects a spawn location, if the spawn timer is zero, they will instantly spawn at that location. There is no confirmation button.

Types of Spawn Points[edit | edit source]

There are essentially 5 types of spawn points; Main Base, Spawn Bunkers, Rally Points, Weapons Cache, and Temporary spawn points.

  • Main Base At the beginning of a match, players may spawn at their respective main base. The only exception to this is temporary spawn points (see below). A key difference between the main base spawn point and other spawn points is that when a player spawns at the main base, they spawn with full ammunition (whenever a player first spawns, they always spawn with full ammo).
  • Spawn Bunkers - In Squad, spawn bunkers are extremely important as any player on the team can spawn on them (versus rally points, which only members of the respective Squad can spawn on). Spawn bunkers can be placed by a Squad Leader within the 150-meter building vicinity of a Radio Hub. If two enemy infantrymen are within 30-meters of a spawn bunker, it will be disabled. Players spawn independently of each other, not spawning in waves with the team or squad.
  • Rally point - Rally points are placed by a squad's respective Squad Leader and only members of that Squad can spawn on the rally point. Rally points are on a continuous 60-second wave spawn timer, meaning every 60-seconds the timer resets. If an enemy is within 10 meters of a rally point, it will be destroyed. Rally points are less restrictive to place but generally take longer to spawn on due to the 60-second wave.
  • Weapons Cache - Insurgent spawn points on the "insurgency" game mode. These spawn points are enemy targets and can be destroyed with incendiary grenades.
  • Temporary Spawn points - On some maps, temporary spawn points will be available at the start of the match for approximately 5 minutes before they disappear. These temporary spawn points are generally available to the unconventional factions or to the defending team on the Invasion game mode. In the game mode Destruction, temporary spawn points are available to the defending team at the beginning of a new phase.

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