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Spawning is one of the gameplay elements in Squad. Spawn times may vary, based on your previous death. Death by suicide adds 30 seconds and getting team killed adds 15 seconds.

How to spawn/respawn[edit | edit source]

After you die or when you join a server or when a new match starts, you start on the so-called "death screen".

Death screen

Now press the Enter on your keyboard to bring up the spawn screen. You can bring up the spawn screen also later at any time in the game, also while you are alive. You close the spawn screen by pressing Enter again or by clicking the Left-Mouse-Button on the CLOSE tab at the bottom right-hand corner of the map. If the Enter is not working, use the mouse and click on the CLOSE tab.

Spawn screen

To spawn, select the spawnpoint of your choice on the map to your right with the Left-Mouse-Button and hit Enter on your keyboard again (or just double-click) – this will spawn you into the game. To de-select a spawnpoint, just click anywhere on the map.

There might be several reasons that prevent you from spawning right away.

  • You have not selected an SP on the map.
  • After you previously died and depending on your selected spawn location, there may be a spawn timer at the bottom right-hand corner which needs to expire before you can spawn.
  • In some game modes, you cannot spawn within a certain period of time at the start of a new match – a pre-round timer will count down until you are allowed to spawn.
  • If you are currently in the incapacitated state, you need to click GIVE UP before you can respawn (see: Health Management). It is highly recommended you wait for a medic to revive you instead of quickly giving up.

Make sure you have read about the different types of Spawn Points. It is also recommended to join an existing squad before spawning – this will provide you more spawn options. The spawn screen is a very important tool for you which you will use often in-game. So let's explain its different parts and functions in more detail.

To respawn, open up the console and type the command "respawn". Be aware that respawning counts as suicide and incurs a long respawn timer. Only use respawning as your last option or when specifically requested by your Squad Leader.

Team tab Role tab Squad tab Map
Team tab.jpg Role tab.jpg Squad tab.jpg Map.jpg

Here is what you do with the different tabs:

  • In the Team tab, you can choose which team you want to play for. You can also join, create or leave a squad in your team.
  • In the Role tab you select a role/kit.
  • The Squad tab appears only if you are part of a squad. The Squadleader uses this tab to manage his squad.
  • The map is used to spawn and see an overview of the battlefield situation.