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Squad Wiki is a community project run entirely by volunteers to provide information for the game Squad. Our community of editors is open to anyone.

The Community portal is your central information hub and starting point for all of you who want to contribute or improve content on this wiki. This page contains very important information for all new wiki editors, so make sure to read it carefully from start to end and regularly come back for updates. Add this page to your watchlist by pressing the star symbol at the top of this page in order to stay in touch with any changes to this page!

Are you entirely new to a wiki? Check out our Wiki Help page with useful information and register your wiki user today. Although you can edit the wiki anonymously without a user, it will improve the community aspect of the wiki greatly if we see a face behind the changes and also gives you a number of useful features to make your life easier (see Wikipedia's reasoning here). Also, please make sure to familiarize yourself with the Wiki Style Guide.

To find other important community pages, check out this list.

Vision and mission statements for the Squad Wiki[edit source]


Our wiki is the official number one site for all information for the game Squad. The wiki represents our [i.e. of the entire Squad community] combined knowledge about all aspects of the game. This knowledge is shared via the wiki with everyone to advance the understanding and level-of-play (and enjoyment) in the entire Squad playerbase and to help grow that knowledge further.

Mission statements:

  • You find comprehensive information on all aspects of the game in one place; anything there is to know about Squad, you find on the wiki (either as text/image or as a link to other resources)
  • The wiki grows as our knowledge about the game grows; the wiki itself is a foundation on which that knowledge can grow further
  • All information is up-to-date with the current state of the game
  • All information is well-presented (comprehensive + complete, easy to understand, well structured, well-written, illustrated, consistent quality across the entire wiki - see Wiki Style Guide for more information)
  • All information is easy to find (accessible), i.e. even a new visitor to the wiki will quickly find what he/she is looking for
  • All players know about the wiki and use it when they are looking for information
  • The most important pages of the wiki are available in multiple languages
  • A friendly, active, dedicated, well-organized wiki community of editors and admins maintain the wiki with support from the entire community and the devs (e.g. after a new release of Squad came out, the wiki is quickly and thoroughly updated)
  • The wiki is an integral part of the entire Squad community, just as the Forums, Discord and the clans and communities

Roadmap[edit source]

How do we achieve the aims described in the Vision and Mission Statements? With a masterplan or roadmap. The following are the main milestones from this roadmap:

  1. Set up foundation for launch as official wiki (completed in May 2016)
  2. Transfer relevant content from the Squad User Manual to the wiki (completed in September 2016)
  3. Let the community take care of the wiki (this was only partially successful; but many parts of the wiki are out of date or missing, no one is updating them; hence, this phase was closed in December 2017 and additional milestones were created below)
  4. Establish effective wiki organization/community that maintains the wiki (with only random edits we will just never reach our goal) (started December 2017 - see Squad Wiki Editorial, contact Usgu if you want to be part of it)
  5. Update all pages to the current version of the game (partially done, but far from completed, see also WP - Update to v11)
  6. Complete relevant but missing content on the wiki (partially done, but far from completed)
  7. Apply consistent quality and style guide to all wiki pages (not started yet)
  8. Translate important wiki pages into other languages (partially done, but far from completed)
  9. Maintain all wiki pages, further improve and polish them and add new content (not started yet)
  10. Active promotion of the wiki and the wiki editorial work (not really started yet)

Wiki News[edit source]

In the following list you will find status reports, news, updates and announcements concerning the work on the wiki. This should give you an idea where we're at the moment with the wiki and where the community wants to go, with your help.

  • 2018-05-11: Time to celebrate - our beloved Squad Wiki has turned 3 years old today. We have come a long way: 288 content pages, 817 uploaded files, 6,279 total edits. Keep up the work, wiki community and Squad Wiki Editorial.
  • 2018-05-04: Squad version 11.0 was released. Updating the wiki has begun. Any help is appreciated. See wiki project page.
  • 2018-03-04: The newly founded Squad Wiki Editorial has entered its beta phase and recruiting has started.
  • 2018-02-05: Squad version 10.0 was released. Updating the wiki has begun. Any help is appreciated. See wiki project page.
  • 2018-01-06: We now have all release versions of Squad neatly listed. This will help us with keeping the wiki in line with newer Squad versions.
  • 2017-11-25: The Getting Started section (for gameplay) was completely reworked. The first tutorial for new players is finished - please point new players to it.
  • 2017-11-18: Modding support was officially added with Alpha V9.15. Work on wiki pages for modding began - check out the modding category. Any help with editing would be appreciated - the topic is huge.
  • 2017-11-17: Gamepedia migrated all of the wikis to Amazon Web Services. The migration was finally completed today, but don't be surprised if there are still some hiccups for the new few days.
  • 2017-11-16: Because of licencing issues with "AM General" we're removing all images and mentioning of the Humvee from the wiki. Odin and Usgu did the main sweep. If any of you spot an images showing an Humvee or text mentioning it, remove it or let us know on Discord #wiki.
  • 2017-11-06: Starting from tomorrow, Gamepedia requires you to merge your wiki user account with your Twitch account. Read more about it here and here. You can do it right here - it only takes a few seconds.
  • 2017-09-30: Completely reworked the page for vehicle claiming. It should be much easier to understand now.
  • 2017-09-13: Added additional details and explanation to the ticket loss/gain when capturing flags and the ticket bleed for the game mode Advance and Secure. Probably for the first time, this should now be clearly explained.
  • 2017-09-06: Added full details for faction-based kit restrictions - now you can clearly see when you unlock which kit. This should help SLs to make better battle plans.
  • 2017-05-11: Time to celebrate - our beloved Squad Wiki has turned 1 year old today.
  • 2016-11-01: The new design and look of the wiki is live - check out the official announcement (scroll to the very end of the newsletter). Chuc, TomNedry and Usgu have been hard at work to pull this off.
  • 2016-09-14: TomNedry and Usgu finished going through all pages of the manual and comparing them with the wiki pages in order to make sure that all content has been transfered safely to the wiki.
  • 2016-07-08: We've made good progress with creating and updating content on the wiki, thanks to you, guys. Now it's time tidy up and bring all those pages into good shape and also update them to the current Squad version. Once we achieve this, the translators can start working on our finished pages.
  • 2016-05-11: The dev announcement of the wiki launch is out! We reached our first major milestone, hooray. Now, lets aim for the next milestone: finishing Task_001, the porting of the Squad user manual to the wiki for the basic gameplay of Squad. Today's date will mark the official birth of our Squad Wiki.
  • 2016-04-13: We are now focusing on tasks 003 and 004. Once we have a resonable foundation for these two pages, we are ready to announce the wiki to the rest of the community. Please help fleshing these out and it will get the job done quicker and gets this thing flying sooner.
  • 2016-04-02: We started the process of setting up the wiki and establishing a good base we all can work with. If you come along, chip in and help out now. Below you see a list of tasks that need attention at the moment. Once the wiki is in good shape to let it lose to the masses, there will be an official announcement on the Squad forums. Most of the content creation will take place then; right now we focus mainly on establishing the foundation so you will be able to work efficiently with the wiki.
  • 2016-03-09: Decision was taken between OWI and the Squad User Manual author Usgu to retire the manual and transfer its content to the wiki. Gamepedia was chosen as the future wiki host for the Squad Wiki. Usgu will lead the transfer process.
  • 2015-04-19: Gamepedia staff Wagnike created this wiki.

Wiki Tasks List[edit source]

In the following list you will see tasks or projects that have been highlighted to the community's attention. The tasks a listed in priority, not sequence of creation; the most important tasks are listed at the top. Anyone can jump in and start editing, you don't even need to create a user. We need you - the success of the wiki depends completely on the participation of the community.

  • Task_009 (2017-07-15): Game data extraction tool - manage game values centrally in one source and automatically display them on relevant wiki pages. Read more about it in this forum thread.
  • Task_008 (2017-07-15): Central game data source - extracts specific data from Squad's game files so we can use it on the wiki. Read more about it in this forum thread.
  • Task_007 (2016-08-07): Squad V7 has arrived. It's time to update the wiki with all those new goodies.
    • Task_007-01: Vehicles page extended with content from v7 update news
    • Task_007-02: Vehicle Claiming page created with content from v7 update news
    • Task_007-03: Rally point
      • new cooldown time
      • new squadmember range (8m instead 5m)
      • new icon for Rally Point
    • Task_007-03: Forward Operating Base
      • Forward Operating Bases no longer have an active spawn point when initially deployed.
      • Forward Operating Bases gain an active spawn point after having been placed for 5 minutes (Unless visited by a friendly Logistics truck).
      • Losing a Forward Operating Base's Radio now results in a 20 ticket penalty (was 10).
      • Lower passive supply rate
      • A FOB can now hold a total of 2000 Supplies and 1000 Ammo.
      • Increase supply and ammo points with logistic vehicle
      • New icon FOB
    • Task_007-4: Create page Logistic System with content of v7 update news.
  • Task_006 (2016-07-29): We started focusing our attention on the weapon pages. Read more about it in this forum thread.
  • Task_001 (2016-04-02): The first major content editing task will be to port the Squad user manual to the wiki for the basic gameplay of Squad. There is a lot of work to be done. Use the Squad User manual as your starting material (PDF, OpenOffice, all images), but feel free to change or expand (or reduce) its content when porting it to the wiki. Focus on the manual's chapter 5 as this is the core part of the gameplay. Most of the necessary pages for this have been created on the wiki and are marked as stubs. Pick a page of your choice from that list and work on its completion. Copy over the text from the manual, refine it, add formatting and links, tables and images. On each of these pages you will find some hints given under the keyword "WIKI_TASK" (you can also search the wiki for this keyword). This is intended to make your editor life easier. Please remove the WIKI_TASK from the page after the task is finished or add more hints to it for fellow editors. Read more abou this task in this forum post.
  • Task_005 (2016-04-14): Besides player-based content, there are also sections on server related topics. You will already find a lot of useful content there. Feel free to add more.
  • Task_004 (2016-04-13): Help your fellow newcomer editors get up to speed with editing a wiki. Help expand Wiki Help. If you are a newcomer to wikis yourself, get started with task 001 first and gain some experience working with the wiki. As your experience raises, contribute your knowledge to the Wiki Help.
  • Task_003 (2016-04-12): We need a wiki style guide so all editors create consistent work. Help expand our Wiki Style Guide.
  • Task_002 (2016-04-12): Help improve the look of this wiki. Read here how to do this.

Beyond this list, feel free to create anything on the wiki you feel the wiki and our community needs. If your idea is more than you can do alone, create a task in this list and rally other community members to your cause.

And besides those specific tasks, there is always general work to be done on the wiki. The wiki maintenance category may be a great place to start, or you can start small by fixing spelling, grammar, and other errors you come across. The see what others are working on, check out the Recent Changes page.

Communication Structure[edit source]

We will be using the following communication tools to order to coordinate tasks and communiate information among this wiki community. In order to be effective as a group, communication and coordination is not only important in-game in Squad but also on this wiki. The following commmunication channels exist:

  • Community portal (this page): Central hub and starting point for all editors. Come here if you want to help out.
  • Translation portal: Central hub and starting point for all about translations and languages, todo list of pages that are ready for translation.
  • Admin noticeboard: Here you can notify administrators of issues needing administrative attention.
  • Discussion/Talk page: The Discussion page provides space for editors to discuss about the content a particular page.
  • User page and User talk page: The user page shows personal information and statistics about the user's contributions to the wiki. On the user talk page you can post questions to the user. On both the user page and user talk page you can send him an direct email (under the left-hand side navigation bar "Tools").
  • Discord: On Squad's Discord is a dedicated wiki channel. Hop on to discuss with or ask for help from with the fellow editors, wiki admins, the devs or the community.
  • Forums: The Squad forums are the best place for having extensive discussions with the community or coordinating a larger wiki project with a group of people. With the forums you can also send PMs to forum members or make a poll. Please use this dedicated subforum on all wiki related posts.

Learn more about wiki specific functionality, such as the discussion page, on the Wiki Help page.

Contacts[edit source]

Make sure to use the Admin noticeboard for highlighting issues needing administrative attention. Next level of communication should be on Discord or the forums. If you think you need to directly speak to an admin, see below contacts.

Community Admins[edit source]

Odinnthewanderer (OWI dev, forum: Odin, Discord: Odin#3464) talk  • contribs
MerlinDev (OWI dev, forum: Merlin) talk  • contribs
OffworldIndustries (OWI account, email) talk  • contribs
Usgu (community member, author of the Squad user manual, forum: Usgu, Discord: Usgu#2705) talk  • contribs
Wagnike2 (official Curse Inc. wiki staff) talk  • contribs

Top Wiki Editors[edit source]

To see the top Squad-Wiki editors, click here https://squad.gamepedia.com/Special:WikiPoints

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