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Below you can find troubleshooting help and technical support if you have problems running Squad.

Where to find technical support[edit | edit source]

  • Your number one hub for technical support is Here, you should find answers to the most common problems.
  • Tips for common problems new players experience.
  • On the official Discord there is a #support channel. Post your problem there and you will be helped in no time. Also read the "pinned messages" - lots of useful hints there.
  • On the official forums there are subforums for software-related and hardware-related problems. Read up on existing posts there or write a new one yourself (please use the forum search before creating a new thread, most likely your problem was written about already).
  • If nothing helped, create a support ticket or write to

How to report a bug[edit | edit source]

If you find a bug, please report it and help the developers.

  • Please use the official bug report form.
  • You can also report bugs on the official Discord to the channels #bug-report and #layer-bug-report (please check "pinned messages" for the correct format, otherwise your post will be deleted)

How to give feedback and make suggestions[edit | edit source]

You are welcome to give feedback to the developers about the current game or suggestions about possible features and ideas.

  • You can post and discuss feedback and suggestions on this official subforum.
  • You can also give feedback and suggestions on the official Discord in the channel #feedback (no discussions allowed; please read the "pinned messages" for instructions).