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In the top right-hand side of the screen you see the ticket counter. At the start of the match each team starts with a set amount of tickets (the number of tickets depend on the map and game server's setting and may vary). Ticket loss occurs for a team as following:

  • Player goes into incapacitated state: no ticket loss;
  • Player death/giving up: -1 (only this ticket can be prevented if player is revived);
  • Suicide: -1
  • Captured Control Point: +14,16,20,26 (applies to 6,5,4,3 layer maps in Advance and Secure respectively);
  • Lost Control Point: -28,32,40,52(applies to 6,5,4,3 layer maps in Advance and Secure respectively);
  • Lost Forward Operating Base: -20
  • Cache destroyed: +20 for BLUFOR forces (game mode Insurgency only);
  • Ticket Bleed: (applies to game mode Advance and Secure [AAS]) Owning more CPs than the opposing team will begin to incur a slight bleed penalty; the more CPs owned, the more bleed the opposing team incurs. A further "mercy bleed" reduction is applied to end the match more quickly when a team holds all Control Points (v9.6).

Important hint: Please note that none of these numbers are set in stone and we are constantly refining and fine-tuning them to improve balancing and gameplay.

In most game modes, as soon as a team hits 0 tickets, they have lost the match.

You cannot see the opposite team's ticket count during the match – you only see your own ticket count.

Assets[edit | edit source]

With V.9 you now have access to various vehicles. Destroying a vehicle (see ticket values below) will decrease the global ticket budget of the owning team.

Image Vehicle Class Carrying Capacity Respawn Timer Ticket Value Supply Capacity Factions
M939 Truck Transport 18 3 6 US
Ural 375D Truck Transport 18 3 6 Militia
Technical Transport 9 3 3 Militia, Insurgents
M939 Truck Logistics Logistics 4 3 6 1000 US
Ural 375D Truck Logistics Logistics 4 3 6 1000 Militia
Technical Logistics Logistics 5 3 3 500 Militia, Insurgents
BTR-80 KPVT APC Fire Support 13 6 20 Russia, Militia
Armed Technical Fire Support 5 4 4 Militia, Insurgents
SPG-9 Recoilless Gun Technical Fire Support 5 8 8 Militia, Insurgents
Rocket Artillery Technical Fire Support 4 15 10 Militia, Insurgents
Minsk 400 Motorcycle Transport 2 2 1 Insurgents
Ural 4320 Truck Transport Transport 18 3 6 Russia
Ural 4320 Truck Logistics Logistics 4 3 6 1000 Russia
BRDM-2 Scout Car Fire Support 3 5 12 Militia, Insurgents
Stryker ICV Fire Support 11 8 24 US
M-ATV MRAP .50cal Fire Support 5 6 12 US
M-ATV MRAP CROWS Fire Support 4 6 16 US
MT-LB APC w/NSVT Fire Support 19 6 8 Militia
MT-LB APC w/PKT Fire Support 19 5 5 Insurgents
MT-LBM 6M APC w/NSVT Fire Support 19 6 8 Russia
MT-LBM 6M APC w/KPVT Fire Support 13 6 12 Russia
MT-LBM 6MB IFV Fire Support 13 8 16 Russia, Militia
BTR-82A IFV Fire Support 13 10 28 Russia

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