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The map gives you an overview of the terrain, the position of your team and squad members and the game's objectives.

Tip: Using the map helps greatly to distinguish between friend and foe. Look in the direction where you are seeing soldiers; then check this area on the map and see if there are any friendlies. If not, it must be enemies.

Map overview.jpg

When in-game, press M to bring up the map. Press N to cycle through zoom levels of the map. While the map is up, you can fully control your in-game character. Please note that the spawn screen provides similar functionality as the map but also allows you to use your mouse on the map.

Tip: Bring up the map legend by mouse-over on the question mark on the right edge of the map.

Tip: You can reassign the map key M to a more convenient location, for example Caps Lock. You will be using the map a lot in this game, put the key where you can easily reach it.

On the top left of the map you see the map name. On the top right of the map you will see "Asset information", this does not yet have any function. Eventually it will display the vehicles available to your team on this round.

The map is covered with two sets of coordinate grids, a larger grid with alphabetic and numerical coordinates and a small grid that is called "keypad" and is read from 1 to 9 like the numerical keypad on your PC keyboard.

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

When calling out coordinates you do this like this: H9, keypad 5. If you really want to be fancy, you can use the military alphabet when calling out coordinates, e.g. hotel 9, keypad 5.

Distances on the different grids are shown in the lower right-hand corner of the map.

Map markers and icons[edit | edit source]

On the map you see a lot of useful information.

Map icon self.png
You will see you own character on the map as yellow arrow indicating the direction you are currently looking at.
Map icon sqdldr.png
The largest player icon with a number in it, is your SL. The number is the squad number – for more information see Squad Management.
Map icon medic.png
The player icon with red crosses in their centers are medics.
Map icon grunt.png
Other players have just a plain player icon.
Map squads sample.png
Players of your squad have green icons, all others are blue.
Map flags.png
Flags: Grey flags are neutral and can be captured by a single player. Flags owned by a team require at least 3 players to capture.
Icon player name.jpg
  • When you mouse-over a character you will see his name, his squad number, his squad name and his role.
  • Please note that the mouse can only be moved on the map of the spawn screen (open with Enter).
Map spawn.png
Main Base: These are team spawn points that are alwayse available to you on the map. They are the safest, but furthest away from the fight.
Map base.png
Example: Milita base with an ammo crate.
Icon main.jpg When you mouse-over a CP, its name will appear. These names helps in communicating positions and situations to other team members.
Map attack defend.png
Objectives: Upside-down orange triangles appear on flags your team can attack. The purple shield appears on the flags the enemy can attack.
Icon attack.jpg The next flag your team can cap is indicated with this attack marker. This flag is often just called "attack flag".
Icon defend.jpg The last flag your team capped is indicated with this defense marker. This flag is often just called "defense flag".
Map rp.png
Map icon rp.png
Rally Points (RPs): These are squad only spawn points. Green RPs indicate it is your squads RP and can be spawned on by selecting it. Blue RPs are not spawn able, as they are other squads RPs.
Map fob.png
Map icon fob inactive.png
Foward Bases: These are team spawn points. You can click them to select and spawn on them. Beware, if enemies come close, the base will become overrun (turning light red) and you will not be able to spawn!
Map icon ammo.png Ammo crates are shown on the map with this icon.

Tactical markers[edit | edit source]

SLs can place map marks on the the map for the entire team to see. The following types of markers exist:

  • Objective markers (green)
  • Enemy position markers (red)

To place a marker, open the spawn screen by pressing Enter, click the Right-Mouse-Button at the location on the map where you want to place a marker, then select the marker you want to place (mouse-over "PH" to show the enemy position markers). Markers will remain visible on the map for 5 minutes. Once placed you cannot remove a marker.

Map menu 1.png
  • Objective markers (anticlockwise)
    • Attack this location
    • Scout/observe this location
    • Waypoint - move to this location
    • Build at this location
    • Defend this location
  • Squadleader actions
    • Delete (Trashcan icon)
    • Approve vehicle claim (Green vehicle icon)
Map menu enemy 1.png
Map menu enemy roles.png
Map menu enemy vehicles.png
Enemy position markers (clockwise)
  • Infantry units:
    • Automatic rifleman
    • Sniper
    • Light Anti-Tank
    • Static HMG
  • Vehicles:
    • APC
    • Armed vehicle
    • Logistic truck
    • Truck
  • FOB

Some tactical markers, like the Waypoint marker, will have a corresponding icon on your compass, as shown below (see 'Order Marker Range Estimator'):

Compass breakdown.jpg

This icon will give you an estimated distance to the marker itself. However, as the distance to the marker increases, the indicator's accuracy will decrease. This deviation is defined by the following table:

Compass marker distance deviation.jpg

This table shows that if the Squad Leader places a Waypoint marker, for example, 250 meters away from you, the compass icon will display 200 meters (because the multiple of 50 nearest to your location is 200). Through the same reasoning, a marker placed 700 meters away will show as being 500 meters away (because the multiple of 250 nearest to your location is 500).

The distance resolution on your compass is of particular importance when manning mortars. If you have a target 700 meters away, and friendlies in line with that target that are 500 meters away, your Squad Leader may be placing a marker on the correct enemy position, but it will still show on your compass as being 500 meters away, and you will have a friendly fire incident.

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