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Selecting weapons and equipment[edit | edit source]

M4A1 is selected.

You select a weapon or equipment with the number keys 1 to 0 or your mouse-wheel.

When you press such key or move the mouse-wheel you will see your inventory HUD appear for a short duration.

The inventory HUD is divided into item groups. Each item group is accessed with a specific keyboard shortcut. As these groups are the same for all roles, you will not have to remember varying shortcuts for the different roles. The item groups are:

Some item groups contain multiple weapons/equipment – in the inventory HUD this is indicated with a plus symbol ("+"). Press the same shortcut again to choose between items in this slot. For guns you will see the number of unused magazines as a number next to the selected weapon. If a role does not possess a weapon of a particular item group or you used up all ammo, it will be show as greyed-out in the inventory HUD.

Handling weapons and equipment[edit | edit source]

Fire your gun with the Left-Mouse-Button. Aim down the sight of your weapon with the Right-Mouse-Button to drastically increase your accuracy. While in aim down sight, hold Left-Shift to temporarily hold your breath in order to stabilize your weapon and zoom in (not possible with pistols, scopes, grenades; also not possible if you are out of stamina or under suppressive fire). Change the firing mode of your weapon (if available) by pressing the Mouse-Wheel or by pressing the same weapon shortcut key again. Reload your weapon with R.

You can toggle aim down sight (ADS) in the settings under "Game Settings" (not under "Controls"!).

Weapon sway and recoil behave differently depending on your stance. For example, weapons with bipod have vastly reduced sway or recoil when prone.

There is no melee attack at the moment.

Throw grenades in a high arc (overhand) with the Left-Mouse-Button, roll grenades in a low arc (underhand) with the Right-Mouse-Button. The duration of holding the mouse buttons has no influence over the throw distance nor does it cook the grenade.

Grenades from a grenade launcher will not explode on short distance. Make sure to fire at least 15 meters away.

Use the binocular with the Right-Mouse-Button. Put away the binocular by hitting the Right-Mouse-Button again.

Use the shovel by holding down the Left-Mouse-Button. Read more about it on "Deployable objects" page.

On how to use medical equipment, see "Health Management" page.

Hint[edit | edit source]

When using ADS (Aim Down Sight) you're looking through the optic, it should be noted that the barrel of your firearm however, is below your optic and may be obstructed by geometry which can impede any rounds fired from your weapon. Before firing any weapon from cover it is advisable to make a note of this.

Fatigue now effects your weapon sway so make sure your not in the red area on your fatigue bar.

Resupplying Ammo[edit | edit source]

You can resupply your ammo at ammo crates. Stand next to it, press F to interact with it, then select "resupply" with the mouse and click the Left-Mouse-Button.

434px animated comrose.gif

Image above: Commo Rose[1] - Selecting a kit from Russian Ammo Crate.

There are four different choices that you can have

  1. Command and Support: This lets you choose from officer (squad leader) kits. When you have a full squad you also get the option of an optics gun on the Russian team.
  2. Rifleman: This will let you change standard kits.
  3. Fire support: This will let you choose from the RPG, Automatic Rifle, Marksman and Grenade Launcher kits.
  4. Resupply: This will restock your ammunition and other supplies.

Ammo crates can be placed by a SL within 150ms of a FOBs (see section "Deployables"). You will also always find ammo crates in your BCP. Ammo crates are also shown on the map (see "Using the map").

Besides resupplying, you can also change your role at an ammo crate – see section "Kit Role Selection". This is what you can do without committing suicide.

Suppression[edit | edit source]

When coming under enemy fire, your vision will become blurred and will cause your aim to become gradually worse. During these situations, it is best to stay in cover until the incoming fire has ceased.

Changing to Alternate Rounds[edit | edit source]

RPG-7 allows you to change from FRAG to HEAT rounds to achieve this you press again the 3 key this will change to the second weapon type. You can also use this technique to change smoke grenades with the Grenade Launcher, by pressing the 4 key again. Remember if the tube is empty you still need to reload before use.

Tip for RPG-Soldiers: Change to HEAT round before you move again, just in case you get suprised by enemy vehicles.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. (commo = communication, rose = it appears as a flower)