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The following is a list of weapons available in the game Squad.

List of weapons[edit | edit source]

Conventional Army Factions[edit | edit source]

British Army[edit | edit source]

Canadian Army[edit | edit source]

Russian Ground Forces[edit | edit source]

US Army[edit | edit source]

Rebel Factions[edit | edit source]

Insurgents[edit | edit source]

Irregular Militia[edit | edit source]

Trajectory[edit | edit source]

Projectiles decelerate over distance. In general, weapons have a slightly flatter trajectory ("bullet drop") for the first few hundred meters, but dramatically drop off afterwards.

Penetration[edit | edit source]

All weapons have a level of penetration this varies with the caliber of weapons. Deployables are your best protection against incoming rounds.


Gallery[edit | edit source]