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Alpha v9 Yehorivka Map.jpg
 Size  4180 x 4180 m (17.5 km²)

Yehorivka (Ukrainian: Єгорівка) is one of the Maps available in Squad. Yehorivka is an Eastern European map, with large terrain, two highways, and two center villages. It was updated in Alpha v9. The map is characterized by large open plains, patches of forest, some scattered villages, and an industrial storage sight roughly in the center of the map. This map provides an excellent opportunity to engage in true mechanized warfare, with vehicle transportation being absolutely essential due to the maps size and lack of cover in certain areas. It is common to see small 3-man APC squads on this map, hunting enemy vehicles and supporting infantry assaults.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

AAS v1 INF[edit | edit source]


  • SE Village
  • Central
  • East Central
  • West Village

AAS v1[edit | edit source]

No Bradleys apparently on this layout.

Alpha v9 Yehorivka Mode 1.jpg


  • NW Petrivka
  • South Petrivka
  • Storage Site
  • Central Novo
  • Airfield

AAS v2[edit | edit source]


Alpha v9 Yehorivka Mode 2.jpg


  • NE Petrivka
  • West Petrivka
  • SE Petrivka
  • Village
  • South Stepne
  • North Novo
  • West Novo
  • East Novo

AAS v3[edit | edit source]


RU vs GB

2 Warrior APCs


  • RU Main
  • Upper Petrivka
  • Central Petrivka
  • Lower Petrivka
  • Village
  • Stepne
  • Lower Novo
  • Novo
  • GB Main

Conquest v1[edit | edit source]

Alpha v9 Yehorivka Mode 3.jpg


  • Sector 1
  • Sector 2
  • Sector 3
  • Sector 4
  • Sector 5

Invasion v1[edit | edit source]



  • NE Petrivka
  • West Petrivka
  • Storage
  • Novo
  • Airport

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Yehorivka is a Ukrainian name. There is no translation to English from this word.
  • Yehorivka is hugely similar, probably based off to the real-life Ukrainian village of Pisky, Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine and the surrounding steppe. A lake splits up Pisky just like the villages in Yehorivka. There is also an airport (Donetsk International Airport) nearby Pisky as well as an airport in the southern portions in Yehorivka. Yehorivka also has two main highways intersecting in the north portions which are a coincidence to Pisky having a nearby unfinished highway (due to the War in Donbass) intersecting another highway.

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